Friday, February 22, 2008

Early Saturday Picks

B Anthony will be unavailable for most of the next 24 hours, so here are your winners for the weekend!

Memphis -5.5 vs Tennessee. Sweet as a Rose!!!!!!!

The Big game, 1 vs 2, etc...... Everything tells me that the public believes in Tennessee, and the early line of 6 will go down to 5. I am going to stick with my early season prediction and go against the public. Memphis -5 will hold off the Tennessee pressure and get some game closing dunks for a 8-10 point victory.

Connecticut +1.5 vs Villanova. I liked Nova if they were +3, but they just don't have the size to beat UConn in a game the Huskies need.

Oklahoma +9 vs Texas. This line is not yet out, and Texas has been playing great, but this is the type of team they let hang around. They win, but not by double digits.

UCLA -13 vs Oregon. One of my favorite games, the Bruins are peaking just in time. Oregon is sulking after the Mayo show on Thursday. Pauley is not a place to go, when you are not ready to play!

USC -18 vs Oregon St. The Beavers are having a rough year, and it won't get any better on Saturday. This is a twenty point game, for the whole second half!

Washington St. -5 vs Arizona. Cougars are just too solid and too team oriented to lose to the Wildcats. Now that Washington has exposed the one man show that is Arizona, Bennett will follow suit.

Bracket Busters! These games were pegged early on and some of them will still be competitive.

Southern Illinois -6 vs Nevada. Salukis are just too good at home. Wolfpack is down a bit this year and will have a hard time keeping with in 10!

The Drake +6 vs Butler. This will be a battle down the stretch and many 3-pointers by each team will make this fun to watch. Take the points!

Old Dominion -12 vs Bucknell. The Bison is just not that good this year. The Colonial is a much stronger league than the Patriot. This will become evident early!

Kent St. +8.5 vs St. Mary's. A late night start for both teams will lead to a little sloppiness, but this should be a close game until the end. I see the Gaels prevailing, but take the points!

(Late Addition)Boise St. -7 vs Siena. Boise has been good to me, and my point guard Skiffer believes in them. This is a tough place to play for the visitors from Siena. Big Win for Broncos

11 Games, enjoy.

I like them All, but UCLA, Oklahoma, Old Dominion, and Kent the most. A fun 4 teamer might be worth the investment.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony


Anonymous John Ameachi said...

Dear B Anthony,
I really enjoyed the colored font on your picks. Let me know if you want to grab a coffee some time.

John Ameachi

9:56 AM  
Blogger 50 Cent said...

John Ameachi...I thought you were great in Cocoon (Cocoon II as well.) Watching you I really felt as though you actually discovered the fountain of youth.

7:25 PM  

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