Sunday, March 02, 2008

You should have seen this coming

There are games that are obvious, teams coming off a bad loss or an emotional win, and it is up to us to decide if the line is set appropriately or not. I was all set to take Arkansas at home to beat Vanderbilt. I thought the line would be about 1-2, but it was 6 points. Yikes. Arkansas won by 5. Good call staying off it. Alternatively, Texas Tech, who is a very average team in their own right got the snot beaten out of them in their last game. New coach Pat Knight punished them durning the week (closed the locker room - dressed in the hallways) and they were prepared and fought Texas and beat them.

It won't be a big surprise when you see Money bet against Texas Tech when they travel to Kansas and boast about the UT Longhorns when they host Nebraska next Tuesday.

So it should be no surprise to see my pick for today;

TENNESSEE -14 vs. Kentucky
This game has it all. Kentucky beat Tenn in Lexington last time. UT is looking for their first outright SEC championship in 41 years. UT is coming off their loss to Vanderbilt. Patrick Patterson is injured and out for the year. Shall I go on?

Kentucky will get killed. Without Patterson they have no post presence. Bradley and Crawford will have to go for 60 combined, just to stay competitive, and that won't happen.

Take the first half too.

Add one more

UCLA -5 @ Arizona
Arizona has two guys that can beat you. The Bruins defense will see to it that they won't have big days.



Anonymous doubledown said...

should I just go opposite of you for the tourney or are you going to get hot? kansas looked good the other day..they have experience now.. how much longer until you go back to her?

10:43 AM  

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