Tuesday, March 04, 2008


22,754 minutes until Tournament Thursday's first game! I bet you were all counting that number down as well! If you actually just started counting, you would only have to count to 1.36 Million and games would be starting.

OK, I am a little too excited about this, but this is getting to be underdog season, when lines are tough, and the few dogs you can find have the best value. League seasons will end with a few more blow-outs, but Championship week will be full of dog covers and the first 48 game weekend will definitely be dog heavy!

Now, on to standard Tuesday night picks. Keeping it Simple

Kent -6 vs Miami OH. Another team looking to make-up for a bad road loss.
KState -16 vs Colorado. Classic bounceback. They need a big win

Utah -17 vs Colorado St. This CSU team is terrible and likely they have quit on the season. Utah at home wins big on a senior night!

B. Anthony


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