Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Injury bug

I will admit it. I was wrong about Kentucky on Sunday. I really felt like they would fall apart and crumble at Tennessee. The start of the game went how I predicted, as UT got out to a large lead, but the bad part is that Kentucky stayed in the game. They even came back and covered the first half line. The Volunteers would surely get a tongue lashing from Pearl and come out and dominate in the second half, right? No. They barely won and Kentucky had a good look in the corner from Crawford to tie the game and send us to OT, but he missed it. So, yes, I was wrong. It happens often. But let's not walk away from this wounded, left for dead team in Kentucky.

T-Bone I am talking to you!

Everything I said about them on Sunday holds true for today, but far greater. There is no way, they can continue to compete and play at the level they played at Tennessee without Patterson.

SOUTH CAROLINA -3 vs. Kentucky
I like the new coach and I admire how hard Kentucky is playing. With that said, things unravel for the wildcats who must now focus on the NIT.

VANDERBILT -3.5 vs. Mississippi state
There are quite a few teams that are really really good at home and very average on the road. Vanderbilt and it's 18-0 record at home are really really good when playing in Tennessee. Not the best recipe for success in the NCAA tournament though, where every game is a road game.

OKLAHOMA STATE -4.5 vs. Oklahoma
More walking wounded. Blake Griffin, the big stud frosh on OU has gone under the knife again in preparation for the post season. Smart move for OU and good news for OSU who has been playing better of late.



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