Monday, March 10, 2008

4 more tickets punched tonite

A few things to discuss before moving on to the picks. As a Cal grad, I have a pretty strong opinion about the Cal/UCLA game. UCLA got another home court gift when the referees not only did not call the foul on UCLA when they were trying to foul Ryan Anderson, but they also proceeded to give the ball to UCLA stating it was off Anderson. Horrible call. But, amazing shot by Shipp even if it did go over the backboard and is technically out of bounds. You made Larry Bird proud. The game meant nothing to Cal (except if you had them in the moneyline). They would still have to play 4 games to win the Pac 10 tournament, which aint gonna happen. It also may have given the CAL AD some thoughts about keeping Braun for next year. What I hear, is that he is gone. The buyout is in place. I will take a UCLA victory for that move.

Speaking of UCLA, they are sliding out of my group of teams that I think can win it all. Josh Shipp is playing like a girl now and they need his shooting. Without it, they are a Great 8 team at best. For the time being, UCLA is now out of my circle of trust and I don't believe they can win it all at this point. The teams currently in my circle of trust? Louisville, North Carolina and Kansas. All of this can change dramatically when the brackets come out. Somebody is going to get screwed. A number 1 team could potentially have a #2 Kansas, #3 Louisville and Xavier as the number 4 seed. Needless to say, picking the number 1 seed in that bracket will not be on the top of my to-do list. Alternatively, you could have a number 1 seed with a # 2 Georgetown, #3 Stanford and #4 Indiana. Cakewalk city baby! We shall see.

Tough loss for Saint Mary's last night, who is directly on the bubble now. They need a Gonzaga win tonite, because the WCC is not a three bid league. Bummer. I really like SMC, who will now likely be an 8/9 playing UNC in the second round.

Tonite's play:
Championship plays

WILLIAM AND MARY +8.5 vs. George Mason
This is not the same GM team that went to the final four. Bill and Mary's luck runs out tonite, but not before they make one last cover.

SIENA -3.5 vs. Rider
This is a home game for Siena who will be playing a wounded Rider team who will likely play without two starters. Jason Thompson of Rider, future lottery pick will need at least 30 points and 15 boards to win the game.

DAVIDSON -16.5 vs Elon
Fourth game in four nights for Elon. Davidson is not in the tournament yet. They need this victory and will get it tonite.

SAN DIEGO +7 vs. Gonzaga
Gonzaga will win, but they won't blow anybody out tonite. In German, San Diego means a whale's vagina.



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what is the san Diego in German comment?

a professional like you.

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Quote by Will Ferrell from "Anchorman"

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