Friday, March 07, 2008

Almost there

Next weekend is selection sunday. This weekend games represent the last regular season games and typically "Senior night". If your team has a lot of good seniors, this could work in your favor. If your team is made up of freshmen and sophomores and the seniors are the fifth year guys riding the bench all year, this could pose a little bit of a momentum killer as they start the game and kill their team's offense out of the gate. Nothing to change your strategy on, but if you have a good senior team like Xavier, this could represent a nice opportunity.

Take these three games straight and put them together in a parlay and enjoy the rest of your evening.

LOUISVILLE +4 @ Georgetown
Like I said earlier in the week, I hope they lose as they are getting too much publicity now. That being said, they won't. The Hoyas will turn the ball over 20+ times in the game and lose.

ARIZONA STATE -11 @ Oregon state
Will Oregon State become the first team in Pac 10 history to lose every conference game? Yes! This is a really important game for Arizona state -11.

CAL +15 @ Ucla
Cal has not quit, even though they should. UCLA does not care about this game as they have clinched first place in the Pac 10. A win by the bears would not surprise me. In fact, let's call it, Bears win!

Other thoughts;
Syracuse -1 is at home and fighting for their lives. I like them to win this game vs. Marquette who has a tough time scoring against tough zone defenses. Kansas -6 is playing great basketball right now; perfect timing. They should roll over Texas A&M who are quickly becoming one of the most frustrating teams to bet on/or against. I like North Carolina +2 to beat Duke. UNC is playing great again and Lawson is back now and playing effectively.



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