Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Uh oh

Two more bids were taken away last night when my team South Alabama and San Diego picked up the automatic bids. That is making things tougher on the Pac 10 teams and Saint Mary's.

I still think the Pac 10 will get 7 teams in. That means Arizona, ASU and Oregon will all get bids. Arizona really only needs to beat Oregon state. Oregon should beat WSU to feel good about their chances too. I have Saint Mary's in the tournament right now, provided Butler and Kent state wins their championship games. 3 teams from the WCC? Impressive. San Diego was listed as a 15 seed. I don't think USD is very good, but I do think that would be a tough out for a #2 seed though.

South Alabama will make it in as well (hopefully)

I stated this yesterday but it bears repeating. Check out the latest update of Bracketology on the right of this page. Look at the South Region. Memphis is the #1, Kansas is #2 and Louisville is #3. Those three teams could represent 3/4 of someone's final four, yet they find themselves in the same bracket. That is brutal. Alternatively, check out the Midwest where Tennessee is the number 1 team. They would compete against a short #2 Duke team, a slow defensive minded Wisconsin team at #3 and a dominant team at home, but good team on the road, in Notre Dame at #4. If I had the first pick of a draft to select teams, using this bracket, I may pick Tennessee. Not because I think they are the best team, but they have the best or easiest bracket to get to the Final Four.

Florida had the best route last year and look where it got them. Granted they had the best team and were ranked #1. Money and B. Anthony's team from last year, Memphis and Texas A&M were in the same bracket as eventual runner up Ohio state, as well as Louisville and Tennessee. My point; don't get married to a team right now. It will make filling your brackets out much more difficult.

Tons of games tomorrow and they start at 9am with Villanova vs. Syracuse. Flip a coin for that one.

If your bookie provides you with odds, take Louisville to win the Big East tournament and USC to win the PAC 10.

Today's games;

IUPUI +3 vs. Oral Roberts
What is this an eye chart? Two identical teams, but ICUP has the better player.

PORTLAND STATE -13.5 vs. Idaho state
Idaho state is terrible. Think USF without elbows.

BUTLER -9.5 vs. Cleveland state
This game is being played in Butler's home court. Even if this game is close, Butler will hit their free throws at the end of the game to win by 10.



Anonymous doubledown said...

so it is all about the matchups huh? amazing theory, how did you come up with that? I bet you were up late researching in order to figure that out.
I hung out with fifty cent this weekend, he reminded me of your legendary 0-15 streak in vegas. how was that possible even for an ex soccer player?

8:46 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Maybe I am just trying to remind myself and everyone else already knows it is about the brackets. Once I get something in my head it is hard to change my mind, i.e. Kansas (every year). That is likely how my 0-15 stretch in Vegas occured as well.


9:07 PM  
Anonymous doubledown said...

well, regardless of why, 0-15 is impressive. after that you should lead off everything with " I am not sure if you know this, but people know me".

9:40 PM  
Anonymous doubledown said...

I hope you saw the office tonight. classic episode. when you going to vegas? and I can feel you going back to kansas right now..this time she could be right..

10:54 PM  
Blogger Money said...

Leaving wed morning. I starting to get that KU itch again. I know that something bad will happen if I scratch it though.

When are you leaving?

6:22 AM  

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