Thursday, March 13, 2008

9am Thurs

Here are my thoughts for today, more to come.

VILLANOVA +6.5 vs. Hoyas
I will continue to bet against the Hoyas until their season is over

WEST VA +2.5 vs. UConn
West Va committed way too many turnovers yesterday, which is unlike them. They keep the ball today and win.

DAYTON +10 vs. Xavier
Brian Roberts did not play well yesterday. That won't happen today.

OREGON +4 vs. Washington state
WSU has won twice this year. Oregon offense will be tough to contain.

ARIZONA +2.5 vs. Stanford
Az keeps it going. Dollar Bill points out that Bayless won't be stopped.

I think you could make a really nice three team MONEYline parlay of the desparate PAC 10 bubble teams;

Arizona State

I feel the least confident about ASU, but it would not surprise me to see them win.

I think Maryland is cooked. I will take Boston College +5. For some reason, I keep coming back to Oklahoma state -4, even though I get burned every time I bet on or against them, but I like them today taking on Texas Tech. I don't see Florida -3.5 and Billy the Kid losing in the first round of this critical SEC tournament. Against my better judgement, I will go back to the well, one last time with Cal +12.5 vs. Ucla.



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Money, it is tournament time. Tighten it up!

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