Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Today is special. A Big East game at 9am. I am "working" so I just spent most of my time watching the game through updates on the internet. I am really useless during this part of the season. Useless at work, and useless at home. It is in everyone's (company, wife, kids, and pets) best interest that I just leave, which is why I pack things up and head to Vegas.

I am not totally enamored with a ton of games today though, which sucks, but if any of the big spreads, like St. Joe's, West Virginia or Arizona are down at half, I will take them. The key for me on halftime bets are;

- make sure the good players are not in foul trouble
- shooting percentage. If someone is shooting 60% and the other team is shooting 28%, there is likely an opportunity. Both teams will likely settle in around 45% meaning the losing team that is down will make a comeback.

Today's plays;

CHARLOTTE +1.5 vs. Rhode Island
This is more of an anti-Rhode Island play. The Rams have really struggled recently.

CINCINNATTI +8.5 vs. Pittsburgh
I agree with B. Anthony on this one and the public will be underrating the Bearcats. Based on the number opening at -10, I would say we are not alone in this thinking.

CAL -2 vs. Washington
I think Cal wins tonite. Brockman is a game time decision. Cal seems motivated and focused for the game tonite. This means they win this game tonite and then lose the next night to UCLA and pray for an NIT bid.



Anonymous doubledown said...

funny, and I like halftime bets as well. there is a flow you can see coming. your things to watch are good, add in there how the coaches coach also. for example, coach k, the lamo that he his, rarely subs even when they are way ahead, and keeps the pedal down. a team that is behind to duke wont come back as often in the second half as they will versus other teams.

12:44 PM  

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