Friday, March 14, 2008


In gambling, exposure is a very important term, and it can have many meanings. Today we will cover two of them. The first is over-exposure. A perfect example of this is my last posting with 42 games for Wednesday and Thursday. If you want to win and win consistently, this is not the recommended theory. However, if you are going to Vegas or watching hoops for the next 3 weeks and just want the action, well its not bad. I had 22 winners and 20 losers in those games. So you exactly broke even with the juice and got about 84 hours of excitement if you watch all the games, pretty good free entertainment!

The other type of exposure is when a team wins a lucky first round game and everybody thinks they are legit all of a sudden. Perfect example, Villanova has a good half against Syracuse and wins going away. Are they really going to compete against Georgetown yesterday? Well, I guess not since they lost by 20 even though they made it look close. There were several winners yesterday, who shot their wad. That was their tournament game, and in the semi-finals today or even quarterfinals, they will be exposed. This will be my focus, along with the a few dogs who can't help but keep it close.

Some of these are early Games, get on it!


Oklahoma -8.5 vs Colorado. They have 19 losses and won in double overtime last night. They get killed today.

Clemson -8 vs Boston College. BC, a team I really want to like, just seems to fold in the 2nd half every game. Tyreese Rice will do his best, but they can't rebound and will get buried late in this game.

Wisconsin -13 vs Michigan. The Wolverines lost at Harvard this year. That win yesterday was their tournament hightlight. One and done, they may only get 40 points tonight. 65-42 Wisconsin.

Tennessee -12 vs South Carolina. GameCocks only wanted one win this week. They got it, and Tennessee wants to roll it up to get back in the limelight as a #1 seed. Spurtability baby!

Kansas -15 vs Nebraska. Same Story, JayHawks roll in first game. Huskers were happy to get a win last night, their season is over.

BYU -6 vs San Diego St. Cougars average age is 29. They have a lot of savvy and experience. They will beat the Aztecs into submission!

Good Teams, Good Games:

Pitt +1 vs Marquette. Defense wins championships. This team is not pretty, but they can beat up a perimeter oriented team like Marquette. No doubt!

St. Josephs +4 vs Xavier. Martelli is peaking this team took a while to come around, but they are in the process of playing their way into the tournament. Upset is very likely.

USC +9 vs UCLA. Prime time in LA. All kinds of exposure and this game will be a good one. Jack Nicholson will be there with glasses on, and Mayo will shine!

Georgia Tech +11.5 vs Duke. This line has been climbing. We all like to root against Duke, and the Yellow Jackets are a team that plays traditionally very well in the ACC tourney!

Good Gaming,
B. Anthony
214-175-9 ytd


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