Monday, March 24, 2008

Sweeeet Sixteen!!!!!!!!!

B. Anthony and Money have done the same as the rest of you,..... we have donated to the almighty. But who wants to bet favorites and be right all the time!

This is another great tournament, and this 16 is really the true tournament. Here are teams who either, played great all year and gave themselves the right to have an easier road, or teams who peaked at the right time, and they deserve to be here.

Two teams that we wrote about early in the year, then most people wrote off, are Michigan State and Washington State. I wrote 3 weeks ago, that these two teams would perform well in the tourney. I also think Louisville will win one more game but UNC just has too much talent.

My season long pick, Memphis, is in good shape. They will not only beat Michigan State, but they will soon be underdogs in the their last couple games, and they will relish the role. They do suck from the Free throw line, but I am still hoping they can slide by with out them.

Here are the winners for the next 8 games. Lines first and outright winner afterward!

Wisconsin -4 vs Davidson. Good story is over. Bo Ryan and Wisconsin are the best TEAM left and they will win again, handily!

Stanford +2 vs Texas. Stanford's girth will pull this off. I have each team advancing in my pools, but I think Stanford's luck will propel them to a win. ( I know some of my Austin readers will hate me for this one!)

Michigan St +5.5 vs Memphis. Tigers will win this game, but as we saw on Sunday they can't beat anyone by 6 points because of the poor free throw shooting! Take the points.

Louisville -2 vs Tennessee. Pearl will be crying at the end of this one, and I will enjoy it. They should have lost to Butler and were terrible against American. The third time is the charm. They are out!

UNC: Note: this game has moved to -8.5, the new best bet is Washinton St. +8.5 !)
This is probably the best game of the week. UNC is playing a dominant role as the top overall seed in the tournament, and WSU is playing like a top 5 team. UNC can't be stopped, but they will never lead by more than 10 all game. The last few minutes of fouling will keep this right at the line, but Washington St will prevail lose by 8 or less. The 3's in the closing minutes make this 8.5 points a gift.

Villanova +11.5 vs Kansas. Just too many points. Nova shoots the 3 well, as the momentum and will figure out a way to keep it under 10, but Kansas Advances.

Western Kentucky +12.5 vs UCLA. This will be another low scoring affair, because UCLA can't score. They make college basketball ugly. They will win, but 13, please they can't score that much!

West Virginia -1 vs Xavier. Probably the 2nd best game of the tourney. West Virginia has been playing great, and Alexander is due for a breakout game. I don't think Xavier will double team him, and that will be a problem. He gets 30 to lead them to the final 8

Good Gaming
B. Anthony

This exciting tournament will be mostly, if not all 1,2, and 3 seeds by the elite 8.

Look for a great UNC vs Louisville game, a boring UCLA vs whomever game, a great Kansas vs Wisconsin Battle. And Memphis vs Stanford will be interesting, but Memphis vs Texas will be a race track worth watching!


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