Monday, March 17, 2008

Time for "The Truth" to shine!

The least productive work week of the year:

1st thing Monday Morning: Go over all of the lines for NCAA and NIT tourney. At least 50 games to observe! This could go into Monday Afternoon!

9:00am Move on to the pools and sort through how many you should submit, and should you make them all the same, or all very different. Determine if you really are good this year, or should you just let the computer pick randomly for you? (by the way, at least one of my pools will be generated by the computer, just for comparison shopping)

10:30am. Start sending the pool to as many people as you can to increase the pot in your pool, because you are now convinced you can win money!

10:45am. Start to worry that a. someone else will win the pool and you wasted your time and money, and a brief hint of guilt flashes through your head about the lack of productivity. Don't worry it is very brief!

11:00am. Figure out if you should go back and change your picks. Look at how many #1 seeds you have in the final four, and go back and check history to realize four #1 seeds seldom get there. Send emails to all the people you invited to join the pool, and remind them to do the same! Network marketing at its best.

Change the day, and repeat until Wednesday!

Okay, I imagine you get the point, and this pattern will repeat itself until Wednesday night when we are tossing and turning in bed waiting for Thursday morning. Or for the lucky ones, you will be losing your money at the BlackJack table in vegas at 4am, waiting for 9am games to start.

B. Anthony is not quite ready to pick all the games for you, but let's have a little pre-tournament story, and selection Sunday Recap!

The top seeds were obvious and no one is surprised. Wisconsin is still underrated. They will likely play very ugly games, but it is hard not to pick them to advance. It is amazing how TEAMS, continue to advance, while PLAYERS, are eliminated.

The Mid-Major conferences were mostly rewarded. And I don't have a problem with it. If you have a great season, you deserve to be in the tournament. I actually think VCU got more screwed than ASU. They had a great year and deserve and opportunity. ASU had an average season, they will be better next year and will likely go to the NIT final four at MSG. (by the way, Sendek is a great coach) While we are on the topic, Arizona should not be in the tournament, but they will likely advance because no one expects it.

Who is playing great?

Stanford, (I hate these guys, but they can beat a lot of people)

By the way, what about Georgia!? 3 games in 30 hours! Best thing I have ever seen. Hard to bet against them, but what more can they do. I say that they run into a buzz saw against a well rested Xavier team!

I will be back with Thursday's games this afternoon! NIT will be available as well!!!!

Enjoy the tourney

B. Anthony
220-179-9 Year to Date.
(We picked more games this year than ever before) Just over 55%.


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