Sunday, March 16, 2008

This is the start of my ineffectiveness

My hand starts to shake today. Answers to questions directed to me from my boss or wife are typically "Brackets" or "Kansas" over the next month. I will call my son or daughter "Bulldog" and my allegiance to a team and "who do I like" will change by the minute.

Today is the start of the best month of the year. We have four games today, that I am not totally interested in, and then the Selection show at 3pm. What follows is a month of madness and then the start of Baseball. Fun.

As of today, Joey Brackets has the following number 1 seeds;

North Carolina

This makes sense to me. I don't think Tennessee should be a number 1 seed. This assumes that KU beats Texas, which I think they will. If Texas wins, they may end up being the number 1 seed.

CLEMSON +5.5 vs. North Carolina
Clemson knocks off Duke for the time. Up next UNC? I don't think so, but I will take the points.

ARKANSAS -7.5 vs. Georgia
I like the feel good story for Georgia, but the run ends here.

KANSAS -6 vs. Texas
Nobody is talking about the Jayhawks, but who is playing better than them right now?

WISCONSIN -6.5 vs. Illinois
This one won't even be close. With that said, I would love to have Wisconsin as the number 2 seed in my bracket.



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