Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Money’s picks

We have four very good number 1 seeds, which oddly enough were ranked in the top four in the Pre-season rankings. A lot of the experts are picking the number 1 seeds to reach the final four and it is tough to disagree with that theory. I don’t think we will see all four number 1 teams reach, but likely there will be three. Finding the one that misses out is the key.

My final four picks are;


I believe UCLA will beat Kansas in the championship game. I also believe that a lot of people will share these thoughts as well. While I think the final four may be cut and dry I believe there will be some “upsets” from the lower seeded teams throughout the tournament. Let’s break it down by region.

This is a tough region with the best teams fighting to get a chance to make the final four. An argument could be made that North Carolina, Tennessee and Louisville could win the whole thing. These teams won’t be meeting each other in the final four. These will be Sweet 16 and Great 8 match-ups. In addition to those top teams, you have a solid # 4 team in Washington State, a great #5 team in Notre Dame, the best #7 team in Butler, two competitive teams at 8 and 9 and South Alabama playing a home game at 10. The number 11 seed, St. Joseph’s will beat Oklahoma. Wow. Those are some good teams, and the winner of this bracket should be applauded.

Bracket winner;
I like Louisville. I think they have a great mixture of size, skill and smarts. This will be tough to come out of this bracket, but I have the most confidence in the Cardinals. UNC is good, but frankly, I don’t think they are dominant. Tennessee goes through scoring droughts against weak SEC teams, but they will still win. Against better competition, they will lose.

Sleeper team;
I think St. Joseph’s will beat Oklahoma. The sooners are hurt and simply not that good. Martelli has some good athletes and will ensure these kids are ready to compete. I also think South Alabama will beat Butler and give Tennessee a good run for their Money. Indiana is toast. They have great players, but their season ended when Sampson’s rollover minutes expired.

This is a weak bracket. Wisconsin won the Big Ten regular season and tournament, yet they are a three? No respect for the Big Ten and I agree with that decision. I think the Hoyas are good, but not as dominant as they should be. What a treat to see Mayo and Beasley in the first round. K State will lose. Vanderbilt is totally overrated and probably loses in the first round. Clemson is solid, but can’t make free throws and only plays great against UNC and Duke. Kent state rolls in the first game.

Bracket winner;
Kansas is somehow underrated. Everyone was talking about Georgetown and Pitt, and UNC and Duke and Memphis and Tennessee, but who is playing better than Kansas? Nobody. The only thing holding these guys back is their history of losing in the tournament. This is their year since they are somewhat under the radar.

Sleeper team;
I like Villanova to make a run to the sweet 16. I think they beat Clemson and will beat Vanderbilt or Sienna in the second round. This is more based on Clemson falling apart and Vanderbilt sucking. Watch out for U$C. This team is dangerous and Mayo is finally playing like a stud. Whoever wins the 7/10 game will give the Hoyas trouble. I think it will be Davidson.

Memphis, the number 1 seed could be playing Texas in Texas in the Regional finals. That does not seem fair. I wish Texas had a tougher draw, because I simply don’t believe in them. Offensively, they are great. Defensively, they need help and this will be their downfall. They will make every game they play close, even though they will be favored by double digits. Michigan state is horrible. Pitt is tough, but had their run. Stanford is boring and ugly but good.

Bracket winner;
Memphis, despite their poor free throw shooting, will get to the final four. They are a great team but won’t be hurt by their poor free throw shooting until they play UCLA in the final four.

Sleeper team;
None. I guess I could say Marquette, but they aren’t really a sleeper. I do think their guards and defense will give Stanford trouble. Mississippi state is really good and will roll over the Ducks who should not have made the tournament. Temple wins their first game, as does Saint Mary’s.

UCLA got a break. Who is going to stop them? Themselves. If Love’s back is still sore or Luc Richard can’t go, then they may have some trouble. Otherwise, Cakewalk city! The bottom half of the bracket is crazy. You could put all six teams in a hat (Belmont and Georgia excluded) and pencil them in the Great 8. All 6 of those teams can be very good and can be very beatable too. My dark horse team is West Virginia.

Bracket winner;
ULCA is an easy choice and my pick to win it all.

Sleeper team;
West Virginia or Arizona will beat Duke, and as I said earlier the lower half of this bracket will be a mess. Maybe they end up playing Baylor. All teams in the lower half of this bracket are sleepers. BYU beats Texas A&M. Drake will shoot 3’s all day long and never go in the paint to meet Thabeet. If they are hot, they beat UConn.

Best Bets Thursday;

TEMPLE +6.5 vs. Michigan state
Good start and easy pick for our first bet.

PURDUE -3 vs. Baylor
I like this Purdue team. Baylor is a mess right now.

KENT STATE -2 vs. Unlv
I love this game. Kent state is really good and will handle UNLV easily.

U$C -2.5 vs. Kansas state
Mayo and team are ready to roll through this tournament. Beasley does not a backcourt.

BYU +2 vs. Texas A&M
BYU is always great for an early round win or two. I love betting against the Aggies.

Best Bets Friday;

SAINT MARY’S +1 vs. Miami
ACC is down and so is Miami.

DAVIDSON -2 vs. Gonzaga
Home game for Davidson. Gonzaga is too inconsistent for me.

SOUTH ALABAMA +4.5 vs. Butler
Yes, they lost at home in their tourney, but they will give Butler trouble and win this game in Mobile.

ST. JOSEPH’S +1.5 vs. Oklahoma
I love this game. The sooners are overrated and hurt.

MSU plays great defense. The ducks don’t.

SIENA +7 vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt is the worst 4 seed in the tournament. Vandy has had huge wins, unfortunately, they were all at home. Siena wins the game.

ARKANSAS +1.5 vs. Indiana
Indiana has totally collapsed.

VILLANOVA +6 vs. Clemson
Poor free throw shooting will hurt Clemson in this one. Nova escapes with a win and advances to the sweet 16.



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