Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Friday Five, +1 & More

The excitement is mounting!

I will keep it simple, and give my Fab Five for Friday (plus 1, added late), and then the rest of the picks.

9:25 AM pst

Gonzaga +2 vs Davidson. Gonzaga is simply going to be better. Austin Daye is a lottery pick, and rumor is that one of the assistants at Gonzaga finally told him to just step up. He is the go to man on this team. No one else on the court will be able to keep up.

4:10pm Games

Mississippi St. -2.5 vs Oregon. I don't think the Ducks are physical enough to stay with Miss. St. I am actually going to add this as a top pick!

6:45PM pst. All late games, perfect for a 10-1 four team parlay

Villanova +6 vs Clemson. Guard play and experience keep them in it. A late three may be an upset, but a very likely cover!

Arkansas +1.5 vs Indiana. Hoosiers have lost their mojo, Razorbacks are hungrier!

Memphis -25 vs Texas Arlington. It will happen late first half, early second have. UT-Arlington will try to run with Memphis, and it will get ugly. 25 point spreads are nothing new for Memphis.

Boise St. +13.5 vs Louisville. This is just too many points. Boise is built like an SEC team with solid bodies across the line. They won't be overwhelmed by Louisville or the press. Take the points, and don't be surprised if they are up early.

The rest of the games:

9:30 am pst

Tennessee -20 vs American. Too many steals, and too many Smiths!

St. Mary's +1 vs Miami. Another classic good team vs good athletes. I take Randy Bennett to pull this off.

Drake -4 vs Western Kentucky. Too many 3's! Keep the dream alive for The Drake!

12 Noon Games

Marlyand Baltimore County +20 vs Georgetown. Take the points, slow tempo will keep this close for a long time.

San Diego +11 vs UConn. Too many points. Uconn is playing well, and they will advance. But the WCC has a way of sneaking up on folks. Look for Rob Jones, WCAL stud, to have a big game as a freshman!

Texas -16 vs Austin Peay. This is a #1 seed. They will Win by 20.

Butler -4 vs South Alabama. Butler has too much experience, and they shoot free throws very well, they will win by just under 10, but don't lay a ton here.

4:00 pm PST games

Vanderbilt -7 vs Siena. Good 3 point shooting team will punish the back end of the pressure and pull away late for a double digit win.

North Carolina -31 vs Mt. St Mary's. No mercy. Heels will play starters a lot of minutes to jack up the stats.

St. Joseph's +2 vs Oklahoma. I am not a big Sooner fan, and despite the best efforts of Blake Griffin, they will lose to a streaking St. Joe's Squad!

Good Luck
B. Anthony


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