Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Long Awaited Return

B. Anthony has missed his loyal readers as well!

Let's get some NBA knowledge out there:

Top Seven

1. A very reliable source has Avery Johnson Fired this morning. ESPN won't report this for at least 24 hours. You read it here first. (thanks to DG for this one) I won't give out my sources!

2. NBA draft is getting closer. My take is that Memphis will end up with CDR with their second pick and Rose with their first pick. They will be back in the playoffs by 2010!!! ( it will never make up for their colossal collapse, but it is a nice revenge.)

3. The Lakers are the best NBA team right now. Great team basketball, many contributions, and they will be better the next 3 years. I hate LA, but this is a dynasty waiting to happen!

4. The Spurs have one last year to get it done. It is very likely they pull it off, but it will be a seven game series vs the Lakers. When Bynum is back healthy, Duncan will be nearing retirement. I am pulling for the Spurs to hold of the inevitable. (only way Spurs win is if Kobe loses his cool, and right now he could play with a bag of ice on his body and it wouldn't melt)

5. The Celtics 66 win season will be just that. They won't get out of the East. The Pistons are still the best team, and Rasheed Wallace will have one final run leading them into the Championship series where they lose convincingly.

6. The Warriors will make some significant changes going forward. Monta Ellis and Biedrins are the building blocks. Harrington is probably gone, Baron will also not hang around, and Jackson will hopefully be ok with that and help this young nucleus of players. They will get a solid player this year, and pick up a very good veteran when they lose Baron. Nelson will coach half the year in 2008-2009, and they turn the reigns over to Keith Smart as a Christmas gift. If they play well down the stretch, he will stay. If not, Avery Johnson will be Mullin's first choice.

7. Do you remember Michael Jordan versus the Celtics in 1986?
LeBron James will give his Jordan impression in at least one game of the next series against the Celtics and score 50+ in 2 games! (side note, Jordan was 23 years and 2 months old when he did it, Lebron will be 23 years and 4 months old when he does it!) By the way, Kobe is still the MVP, but LeBron is not even close to his prime!!!! What?! P.S. Watch this whole video, amazing!


B. Anthony


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