Monday, April 07, 2008

Missed free throw to lose!

We have reached the final college basketball game and we have a good one. The two best teams are meeting, which is the way it should be.

B. Anthony should be congratulated for having picked Memphis at the beginning of the year and rode them all year. I picked Louisville who put up a good fight, but ultimately fell down. But during the journey I have re-kindled an old relationship; Kansas.

I am backing the Jayhawks tonite and I am sure that B. Anthony will disagree with me and that's OK.

KANSAS +2 vs. Memphis
These two teams are evenly matched. They both play great defense, are extremely efficient on offense, have great depth and like soup. So how do you pick winner? I am going with Kansas in this game, because I believe they have a better team. They are bigger down low and have more players who can put the ball in the hoop. They have great guard defenders, but they are smaller than CDR and Rose. They won't stop them, but they won't have their way either. I look at this game similar to how I looked at the Memphis/UCLA game. Where are the other points going to come from? Dorsey? Taggert for three? I don't think so. Memphis will shoot the threes, because that is where Kansas is vulnerable, but KU is better 3 point shooting team. Kansas will be able to play different styles; pound it inside, shoot the three, dribble penetration and most importantly play defense and disrupt Memphis.

I think this game will be close, but if anyone is going to blow somebody out, it will be Kansas that will be doing the blowing.

Final score;
Kansas 68 Memphis 67.

What a cruel score. Memphis loses the game by a missed free throw?

I love the under too; 148.5

Good luck!



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