Monday, April 28, 2008

NFL draft. If Money was running the Niners.

As I have said countless times, Cal has largely disappointed us and let us down for the past two years. No where else is widely seen but in the NFL draft for the past two years. Cal has had 10 people drafted (6 this year) in the last 2 years. And six of the ten were drafted in the top three rounds. They have had so much talent the past two years and they have absolutely nothing to show for it. They will never have as much talent on both sides of the ball, as they have had the last two years. This is why I have continued to say Tedford is to blame. Yes, he put Cal on the map for college football, but the Bears should have done a lot better than a couple of weak bowl game victories.

Of course, I have all the answers, so what did I think of the 49ers draft? I thought it was horrible. I could not name one guy that was picked and maybe that is a good thing, but I think they missed the boat on a couple of people and should have taken some more chances when some of the really good WRs were dropping. If Money was running the draft, here is how it would have gone down.

Round 1: Quentin Groves DE Auburn. I will admit I know nothing about him, but this is the name I saw the most on the mock drafts and it makes sense. I don’t like Balmer and the things being brought up about him and his skills. He does not sound like a first round draft choice. One year wonder? Real pick – Kentwan Balmer.

Round 2: James Hardy WR Indiana. While I would have enjoyed seeing what DeSean Jackson could do in a niners uniform, count me in the group that think this guy is undersized, and a future headache for someone. Yes, he is fast, but he will get hurt. Did you see his “third round party” that he was hosting and how much he dressed up for it? Exactly why he was drafted where he was. What an idiot. Of all the talented WRs, my guess is Hardy is the one that shines. Real pick – Chilo Rachal

Round 3: Thomas DeCoud S. This was my favorite player on Cal’s team. He is a bit undersized, but he plays like Ronnie Lott. He is going to be great and I would have loved to have seen the niners pick up the next Ronnie Lott. Real pick – Reggie Smith

Round 4: Erik Ainge QB. I absolutely have no faith in Alex Smith. Give me any other NFL starter over him and I will be happy. He will never be any good. The niners picked a horrible year to have the number one pick in the draft, or I guess now we can say, they should have drafted Braylon Edwards. If you think I am negative towards Smith, take those comments and pour them on S Hill. They both suck and they should have addressed the QB problem in this round. Ainge will be great, better than any other QB coming out of this year’s draft. This lack of pick will haunt them for years. Real pick – Cody Wallace (This guy might actually be good, but they should have drafted a QB here).

Round 5: Idiots. Lost this pick for tampering with the Bears. I will just throw a name out here of a player in round five that will be good. TE Kellen Davis.

Round 6: Mike Hart RB. Yes, they have a good RB in Gore, but you can never have enough good running backs. Hart is small and benefited from the big holes created by number one pick Long, but this kid played at Michigan against talented people and will make a difference in the NFL. Read pick – Josh Morgan (won’t even make the team)

Round 7: Caleb Campbell S Army. Useless pick but at least this pick gets some press being that he was drafted from Army. The Lions picked him up and if he makes the team, we won’t have to go to Iraq. This brings up an interesting conundrum and we will hear a lot of press about this 7th round pick. I say, play in the NFL for three years, get your severance and then go back to the military. The war, unfortunately, will still be going on.

I miss B. Anthony.



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