Sunday, April 13, 2008

Play Ball! MLB predictions for 2008

Yes, I know we are about 10 games into the season now, but March Madness went into the first week of baseball and I was so focused on predicting the final 3 games so accurately my baseball thoughts were pushed out.

Some of my early season thoughts are validated (D’backs), and some may be squashed (Tigers) after a week of baseball, but I am still sticking with them.

AL West – Seattle Mariners
Tough to beat a one-two punch of Bedard and King Felix. They have a strong bullpen with the best closer in the game in Putz. A solid, veteran lineup that includes Ichiro at the top, and Beltre and Sexton (contract year) in the middle. The angels will be there all year long, but I like to Seattle to come out of this division.

AL Central – Detroit Tigers
What an incredible offensive lineup. M Cabrera will be the American League MVP. He will be surrounded with loads of talent in Ordonez, Sheffield, Polanco, Granderson, Pudge, Thames and others. The Tigers not only boast the Offensive MVP, they will have the AL Cy young pitcher as well. This is the year that Justin Verlander dominates. Their bullpen is weak and could be their downfall, but that has not stopped them in the past. Additionally, if this becomes problematic, they will pick someone up at the trade deadline to help out their old fatty closer, Todd Jones.

AL East – Boston RedSox
I hate going with the obvious, but this team is built to win. This team, like the Kansas Jayhawks, has the fewest flaws. The Yankees won’t be a threat and are heading the opposite direction. The biggest push in this division comes from the Toronto Bluejays.

AL Wildcard – Toronto Bluejays
This team has the best pitching in baseball. They have Roy Halladay, and AJ Burnett who are full blown aces. They have Dustin McGowan and Shawn Marcum, who could be aces on other teams as 3 and 4. Jeremy Accardo saved 30 games last year and he will do it again this year. BJ Ryan, coming off Tommy John surgery, will only help make the bullpen that much better when he returns. I love this team.

NL West – Arizona Diamondbacks
Believe it or not, but this is a really good division. Money predicts the world series champion to come out of this division. The Dodgers have been doing what I wish the Giants could do, build with great youth and pepper in experienced players. They will be tough all year. Colorado was no fluke and will be great again this year. San Diego is consistently good each year. But my pick this year are the D’Backs. Webb and Haren at the top of the rotation are unbeatable. They have the best crop of young players in baseball led by ROY Justin Upton. Don’t forget about Chris Young, Mark Reynolds, and Stephen Drew. This team will be fun to watch and dominant. The Giants are horrible. They will lose 102 games this year.

NL Central – Milwaukee Brewers
I think this is a pretty weak division. The Cardinals have Pujols and some good pitching and that is pretty much it. Pujols is playing with a bad elbow so the moment they are out of the race, they shut him down. The Cubs are the cubs and will always break your heart. The Reds could be good this year. Watch out for rookie pitcher Jonny Cueto! I like the Brewers. They have a great young offensive team, and some really good pitching. Their downfall will be Gagne and Sheets. I simply don’t trust Gagne and Sheets will get hurt. Even with these obstacles, I think they come out on top of the division.

NL East – Atlanta Braves
The Braves consistently get it done each year, aside from last year though. The Mets have holes in their pitching in their rotation and the Phillies have holes in their bullpen. The Braves have a great lineup and roll out Smoltz and Glavine who continue to get it done and include some youngsters, such as Jair Jurrjens. Jeff Francoeur hits 40 homeruns this year.

NL Wildcard – LA Dodgers
Torre will get the most out of this talented team, but they fall short of the division champs D’Backs, but do enough to capture the wildcard.

World Series – Arizona over Toronto

NL MVP – David Wright
AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera

NL Cy Young – Brandon Webb
AL Cy Young – Justin Verlander

NL ROY – Justin Upton
AL ROY Evan Longoria



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