Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Football thoughts for the 2008 season

I know I am a little late, considering the college football season officially started this past weekend, but the NFL has not started yet. I figured I would put out one post commenting on both sports. The thing I like most about writing these posts before the season starts are the predictions to see how bad or good or Money I was. Here we go.

Not buying in the NFL: Browns (tough schedule), Redskins and the Giants. None of these teams will make the playoffs. To a lesser degree, I am not buying the Cowboys, Patriots or Colts. I think all of them will be good, but I think both Brady and Peyton are/will get hurt and once they go down, the wheels fall off. The cowboys will have a fine season, but will fall short of expectations.

The Niners will be tough and boring to watch. It should make for getting good free tickets throughout the year.

Mike Nolan cannot win. If they succeed, Martz will get the credit. If they suck, he will be fired. I was never a fan of Alex Smith, but at least he provided hope for the future. JT O’Sullivan provides nothing. He is not a franchise QB. He is just delaying the development of the team.

Over/under on the Niners. Money sets the line at 5.5 and I will take the under.

Sign me up for the Jets, Saints, and Eagles, all of which make the playoffs. The dolphins will be much better with Pennington and Parcells. The Raiders will be better than last year.

Division winners:
AFC - Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars, Chargers
NFC – Eagles, Packers, Saints, Seahawks

Superbowl – Jaguars over Eagles

Money Players;
QBs; I love Romo. I am calling for 38 TDs. Brees should be right behind him. The saints are going to explode on offense. Welcome to the big time Matt Schaub.

RBs: Steven Jackson will finally put it all together, although I say this every year. I like Marshawn Lynch and Marion Barber too. Selvin Young will succeed in Denver and your rookie of the year is Chris Johnson of Tennessee that only has to beat out big, fat LenDale White. In fact, all the rookie RBs will make significant contributions near the latter half of the year; Jonathan Stewart, Kevin Smith, Matt Forte, Mendenhall, Felix Jones, Ray Rice, Slaton and even Jamaal Charles, when Larry Johnson gets hurt. I guess I need to include McFadden, whom I think will be terrific too. Raiders will always be playing from behind though.

WRs: There are some great Money WRs. Moss, TO, Wayne and Edwards are all top notch. I will also include Colston and Andre Johnson in this group as well. Next group of WRs include Bad Boy Brandon Marshall of Denver, Big Play Santonio Holmes (move over Torry Holt), Jerricho Cotchery who has a big year under Favre and Calvin Johnson who breaks out in a big way this year in Detroit. Keep an eye on under the radar guys like Anthony Gonzalez of the colts, who will do well when Harrison gets hurts again soon. Ted Ginn is a guy I would take a flier on and watch out for Cal Bear DeSean Jackson who will make some plays among a less than distinguished group of WRs.

Crap’d out;

QBs; Wow, Leinert has really fallen down. Eli will go back to being insignificant. Carson Palmer, or any Bengal for that matter will be really bad this year.

RBs; Adrian Peterson is great, but fragile and won’t play a full year. Why does anyone think Frank Gore will be good just because Martz is in town? Larry Johnson is finished.

WRs; I don’t like the Az WRs because I don’t think Warner will play all year and the QB situation will be very unstable all year. Chad Johnson is really funny, but not improving and on the decline.

Cubs will not win the World Series, they probably won’t get there. Diamondbacks over Anaheim.

Is there anything more annoying in sports than the customized eye black with messages on them? Reggie Bush put his area code, which was clever. Now everyone is getting into it and putting messages to their Mother or girlfriend, or life partner or whoever. Enough already.

College Football;

I think Georgia has the most talented team, but there is no way they get through their schedule and end up playing in the championship game. In fact, no SEC team will do it. Their schedules are too tough. No on GA, FLA or LSU and Prop 13. I give Auburn the best chance of coming out of the SEC game to play in the title game, but I would not count on it.

This is not my top ten season ending poll, but these are the teams that I like and I think will be at the top when the season ends; USC, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas Tech, BYU, Penn state.

I think Ohio State will be at the top, even after getting their butts kicked by USC, because their schedule is so weak. GA, Fla and LSU are all talented teams, but each will end up with at least 2 losses.

Teams like TCU, Fresno State, Utah, North Carolina and Uconn could all have better records than the above mentioned SEC teams.

Missouri wins it all.

Cal goes 8-4 and wins a trip to the Emerald Bowl. I went to every game last year, I am hopeful that I get to three this year. Too many kid soccer games this year!


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