Thursday, July 17, 2008

MLB Predictions; Half way point.

Well we are at the halfway point of baseball and my picks don’t look too good. Seattle is the worst team in baseball. The NL west is really struggling, although I still think the Dodgers and D Backs are talented and can put together a big winning streak. The Angels are the best team in the AL and they were excluded off of my list. However, I did not buy into the Mets, Yankees and Cubs (I still won’t) and I did pick Evan Longoria as the AL Roy.

Current standings;

Boston 57 40
Tampa 55 39
Yankees 50 45
Toronto 47 48
Balty 45 49

White Sox 54 40
Twins 54 42
Detroit 48 47
KC 43 53
Indians 41 53

Angels 57 38
A's 51 44
Texas 50 46
Seattle 37 58

Mets 52 44
Phillies 52 44
Florida 50 45
Atl 45 50
Nats 36 60

Cubs 57 38
Cards 54 43
Brew 52 43
Reds 46 51
Astros 44 51
Pitt 44 51

D'Back 47 48
LAD 46 49
SF 4055
Rox 40 57
SD 37 59

I will take Boston out of the NL East, even with Youklis putting up some bad numbers. Watch Clay Bucholtz dominate down the stretch. I don’t think Detroit has the pitching to get it down, but I do like underrated (and in first place) Chicago WhiteSox. They have pitching and a powerful offense. The Angels coast into the playoffs and represent the AL in the World Series.

If I have to pick someone in the NL East, I will take the Phillies. I am not happy about it, but this is more of an anti Mets pick. They will choke again. Pity. I am going with the Brewers (my preseason pick) to win the NL Central. I like their team and the addition of Sabathia, as well as the fact that Gagne is not closing for them. The Cubs will break Chicago’s hearts again. Zambrano is doing it with mirrors. Nice record but no strikeouts. He is lucky and will go 7-7 the rest of the year. Harden will get hurt and the curse of the goat, and Bartman live on. The Diamondbacks will come out of the NL West division. Byrnes goes down and Chad Tracy steps in. Keep an eye on Max Scherzer, a young flamethrower, who will come up and fill in for Randy Johnson or an injured starter.

I am still going with ARIZONA to win it all, but they beat the Angels instead of the injury depleted Toronto Bluejays.


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