Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 3

There was an email snafu this week where coach did not get my picks, or read my blog, so he gave me a 6 for the week, which was incorrect. I got a 10 for the week so I believe I am in second place, although I have not seen anything official from the Coach yet. Additionally, Coach is no longer using those nicknames so I will use the initials to post the leaders

CCR 33
Money 32
Coach 31
TT 31
TBone 31
JB 31

Here are this week’s games.

West Virginia @ Colorado - Pick West Va
Baylor @ UCONN – Pick Uconn
E. Carolina @ NC State - Pick E. Carolina
Iowa @ Pitt - Pick Iowa
Bama @ Arkansas - Alabama
UCF @ BC – Pick BC
Arizona @ UCLA – Pick UCLA
Notre Dame @ Michigan St. - Pick Michigan state
Virginia Tech @ North Carolina – Pick North Carolina
Florida @ Tennessee Pick - Florida
Utah @ Air Force Pick – Air Force
Georgia @ Arizona St. Pick - Georgia
LSU @ Auburn Pick - Auburn
Wake Forest @ Florida St.- Pick Florida State
Miami @ Texas A&M – Pick Texas A&M
SJSU @ Stanford__101___pts

Best Bets:

UNC is very good and very underrated. Last time to get them low.

BOISE STATE +10 @ Oregon
BSU has a good defense and still has that RB that asked the cheerleader to marry him. I think they are now divorced with four kids (one adopted), but he can still run. Oregon will be dreadful at QB.

ARKANSAS +9.5 vs. Alabama
I wish both teams could lose, as their coaches are 1a and 1b on the loser list. Still, this is a lot of points to give an away team in a series where the home team has won the last 4 games.

AIR FORCE +9 vs. Utah
The Utes toughest and likely only test until the holy war. They lose eliminating great drama in Utah down the road.

FLORIDA – 7.5 @ Tennessee
UT loses to UCLA in LA and UCLA gets killed by BYU. What does this mean? UCLA and Tennessee are really bad.

I have to admit I know nothing about either program but this is college football and emotions run high. UNLV won the national title last week in beating Arizona State. Their season is complete.

ARIZONA STATE +7 vs. Georgia
Speaking of ASU, I actually like them in this game. The PAC 10 took a huge hit last weekend, and they may be USC and the nine dwarfs, but ASU will put up some points and be hungry after their embarassing loss to UNLV last week.

MICHIGAN STATE -9 vs. Notre Dame
I love betting against the Irish. MSU will roll up over 250 yards on the ground.

12 left in survivor pool. This was a small pool to begin with, I think there was about 25 people. Everybody took the Giants last week and they won easily. I still have them available so this is a no-brainer pick for me. Here are the choices for the week.

KC @ ATL -6
Oakland @ Buffalo -9.5
Cincy @ NYGiants -13.5
Miami @ New England -13
Rams @ Seattle -10
Saints @ Broncos -6
Jets @ Chargers -9

I eliminate Atlanta as I am not going to back a rookie QB at this point. I eliminate Seattle as well. They really should win this game coming off a home loss to the Niners, but they are really banged up. You have to stay away from them until they heal. Did you see the Broncos defense against San Diego? Neither did I. They don’t have one so I don’t trust them and they are out. You could take Buffalo, but mark my words, the Raiders will end up hurting me in this pool. They will win when you least expect it. I will do my best to avoid them all year. That leaves New England, Chargers and the Giants. I am going with the Giants, but I find flaws in all three. I already took the Patriots and am not convinced that Matt Cassell is the answer. There is risk there. The Chargers seem like a good choice, but LT is hurt and may start, but not finish. I expect them to win and would be shocked if they lose, even with LT out, but I would sure like to know that he is healthy, which at this point, we don’t know.

I am taking the Giants, but have been telling B. Anthony all year, this team won’t make the playoffs. Don’t start tanking this week! Go Giants.

NFL picks;
I have been told to stop picking the NFL games because I have been so bad. I can’t resist. Bet opposite of me then.

TITANS -5.5 vs. Houston
I have said how much I like Houston. I like Tennessee more. The best kept secret in the NFL.

REDSKINS -3 vs. Arizona
The cardinals have not played anyone tough yet. Exposed here.

SAINTS +6 @ Denver
No D in Denver. I guess that would make it Enver.

PACKERS +3 vs. Dallas
Short week for the cowboys. Another team with a porous defense.



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