Thursday, September 04, 2008

Week 1

“It's a marathon, not a campus streak.”

This was a quote from Coach in reference to a pool that I entered, and won the first week with a showing of 13-2. It is a simple pool, where you pick the winner (no spreads) of a selected number of games. I know that I was extremely lucky to come out with a 13-2 mark and I fully expect to get 3-12 this week too based on the gambling gods laws. However, B. Anthony said I should gloat about this, which got me thinking.

I am going to publish my picks and thoughts for my pools this year each week, including a “survivor” pool, which I plan on winning. In addition if I see any weekly Money makers, college or pro, I will highlight them here. I intend to hook up a web cam and give the viewers an inside look at the detail that Money goes through to make these fantastic picks. I smell a movie deal coming. Worst case scenario, a guest appearance on Nickelodeon’s iCarly TV show.

Navy @ Ball St – pick Ball State
Georgia Tech @ Boston College – pick Boston College
BYU @ Washington (the Willingham Swan-song game) – pick Washington
Air Force @ Wyoming – pick Air Force
West Virginia @ E. Carolina – pick West Va
Northwestern @ Duke – pick Northwestern
Northern Illinois @ Western Michigan - pick Western Michigan
Rice @ Memphis pick - Memphis
Texas Tech @ Nevada – pick Texas Tech
Stanford @ Arizona St. – pick Arizona St
Minnesota @ Bowling Green –pick Bowling Green
Cal @ Washington St. – pick CAL
Texas A&M @ New Mexico St. – pick New Mexico
Mississippi @ Wake Forest pick Wake Forest
Akron @ Syracuse – pick Akron
San Diego St @ Notre Dame ___2______pts only

A few thoughts on this week’s games, or the ones selected. This is an awful selection of games. I don’t know where the Coach gets these games, but I could do without Rice and Akron games in the future. Pop quiz, what are the mascots of those teams? The spreads of these game, although not used in this pool are really high for most of these games, meaning they should not be close. I am going with my upset pick of Washington over BYU this week. This game will be the beginning of the end of Willingham’s coaching career at UW, if they lose and the players know it. I bet they pull this one off at home.

Survivor pick has to be the Patriots. For those of you that don’t know the rules of this pool, you have to pick a weekly NFL winner each week and you can’t pick the same team twice. Sounds simple but it is not. My philosophy is to stay in the game each week and make the tough choices when you have to, if you are still playing in week 10. I try to choose home teams only and teams that are favored by more than a touchdown (6 points) if possible.

That makes the possible choices for this week;
KC @ New England
Houston @ Pittsburgh
St. Louis @ Philly
Carolina @ San Diego
Chicago @ Indianapolis

For me, this choice is simple. You have to take the Patriots. KC is awful and there is almost no way the Chiefs can/will win this. Maybe Brady breaks up with his girlfriend and is totally depressed and throws 5 picks, or maybe he dies, but aside from that, the Patriots win. I think Houston will beat Pittsburgh, so I would not touch that game. A case could be made for taking Philly, SD or Indy, but I find more risk in those picks and would not encourage it week 1. One of those 3 teams (Philly, SD or Indy) will lose. It always happens. My only problem with taking the Patriots week 1 is that my Dad will likely take the Patriots and he along with my brother (he usually does two and one of them goes out the first week) are the kiss of death. Maybe I should warn Tom Brady about his impending death or break up?

Illegal Offshore Betting!


The huskies win this game for Rudy/Gipper/Matt Foley and all other motivational tactics to help Willingham keep his job.

OREGON STATE +16.5 @ Penn State
Nice Beaver!

ARIZONA STATE -14 vs. Stanford
I am not totally sold on ASU. Even less impressed with Stanford.


MIAMI +3 vs. Jets
The Anti-Favre play. I love him, but so does the gambling public.

TEXANS +6.5 @ Pittsburgh
The Texans went 8-8 last year and rarely had their best players, Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson on the field together. They are healthy now and this will be a shootout. Texans wins.

49ERS +2.5 vs. Arizona
I am on record stating I will take the under of 5.5 wins for the Niners. Consider this one of the 5.5 wins. Warner is the wrong choice and is too slow for this speedy Niners defense who wins this home opener.

If you feel like getting action on the first NFL game tonite, feel free to take the GIANTS -3.5 vs. the Redskins. I don't love the game but will be watching this over the Republican convention. The Giants will outdraw McCain. Sad fact for our country, but the real show was last night with the Palin introduction.



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