Thursday, October 02, 2008

Week 5

Money had a good week and a bad week. The bad part of the week was losing my survivor pick of Dallas. Dollar Bill and I both went down. He picked Denver on the road, which I said last week was a terrible pick. I went with Dallas and in hind sight was not much smarter than taking Denver.

Dollar Bill’s message for survivor is to stay away from rivalry games. I think that is sound advice and I will add that to my list for next year, in additon to avoiding road teams.

The baseball playoffs start this week, so I just want to pat myself on the back for picking 7 of the 8 playoff participants. Not a huge deal, but I did pick both NY teams staying home, which was wise. My predictions for the series; I will take the Dodgers over the Cubs and Philly over Milwaukee. I will take the Dodgers to come out of the National league. I am sure you all know about Manny Ramirez, but you may not know about some of the other young talent on the Dodgers. I would like to introduce you to Chad Billingsly, star pitcher and Matt Kemp (little Manny). Dodgers are a very solid team. In the AL, I will take the Angels over the RedSox and I like the momentum of the WhiteSox over the young Rays. Great story out of Tampa bay, but it ends in the first round. Angels over the Whitesox.

LA vs. LA. Neat. Not really. That kind of sucks, but I just call them as I see it. Angels win it all

What does death look like?

The good part of my week was winning my pool for the week with 12 winners. Here are the standings and my picks for the week.

CCR 54
Coach 54
JB 52
T Bone 51
Money 50

Pitt @ South Florida - pick South Florida
Oregon St. @ Utah – pick Utah
Cincinnati @ Marshall – pick Marshall
BC @ NC State – pick BC
Iowa @ Michigan St. – pick Michigan St.
South Carolina @ Mississippi – pick Mississippi
Auburn @ Vanderbilt – pick Auburn
Stanford @ Notre Dame – pick Notre Dame
Illinois @ Michigan - Illinois
ASU @ Cal – pick Cal
Ohio St @ Wisconsin –pick Wisconsin
Navy @ Air Force – pick Air Force
Kentucky @ Alabama – pick Alabama
Missouri @ Nebraska – pick Missouri
UNLV @ Colorado St. – pick Colorado St.
Oregon @ USC ___173______pts.

College Bets

ASU +9.5 @ Cal
Cal is a mess right now offensively. QB controversy and Best is out. I just hope they win.

KENTUCKY +16.5 @ Alabama
Let down game for what I believe to be an overrated team in Alabama.

UTAH -11 vs. Oregon State
No way the Beavers play another solid game

NFL Bets

EAGLES -6 vs. Washington
Eagles need a win and Washington will have a letdown. Classic scenario for both teams. Easy pick

TEXANS +3 vs. Colts
Here comes Houston. They put up a good fight on the road vs. Jax.

ARIZONA +1 vs. Bills
Bills will struggle against mediocre team across the country.



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