Friday, November 14, 2008

NCAA Hoops Kick off

B Anthony will keep it simple for this post and just welcome you to the season with winners.

I will follow money's lead with teams to watch and final 4 picks in the coming week. I will give you a small preview and tell you that Memphis, Kent State, and Villanova will again be some of my favorite teams to cover this year.

Here are some early winners for tonight: By the way, if/when these come in, somebody tell me how I knew this before anyone had played a game!

Wisconsin-Milwakee -11 vs LMU. Another new coach on the road in Wisconsin. Tough start to year.

Yale +12.5 vs Stanford. Stanford is more like an Ivy league team this year. Not likely they blow out Yale on the road!

Missouric St +8 vs Auburn This is a big game for the smaller school. + 8 at home is too many. they are likely to win outright!

Hofstra +18 vs Clemson. Too many points this early in the year. The Colonial is a better conference than people think!

Hawaii -3 vs USF. Sorry Rex, your guys are in Hawaii for the season opener, you will battle but lose by double digits!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony


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