Wednesday, November 19, 2008

NCAA hoops Dreaming-Day 2

College Gaming continues.

The 24 hour marathon, worked, I am hooked and will be posted daily until the buzz wears off.

Last night showed the reality of betting. All four tv games were very close to the lines, and depending on when you got on you could have won or lost on either side!

UNC is better than Kentucky, but the injury to Zeller, the big stiff was deserved because they were trying to cover at the end of that game. They won by 19, which was a cover against B. Anthony, but not really what they wanted. They wanted and should have had a 30 point win.

Curry scored 44 and he didn't play that well, and Griffin will have a record setting number of rebounds this year. His 25 rebounds last night seemed Easy!!!!!!!!!

Overall for last night was 4-2-1. The one random lock, BYU won easily. The bottom half of the WCC is very bad and I will play against them often in the early season. Portland, LMU, Pepperdine will have very long, sad seasons!

Tonights game.

I want to play Villanova, but better judgment has me staying away. Line is about 16, and I think Niagara will take this one right down to the end between 15 and 20, and that is just not worth it.

Kent State -1.5 vs St. Louis. Not that often that I will take a road favorite, especially against a Majerus coached home-dog. But St. Louis has 8 scholarship freshman, and Rick is still teaching this team to play his offense. He doesn't care if they score, as long as they run the sets. This game will be low scoring, for the Billikens. Experience wins out, even on the road!

Good Gaming-

B. Anthony

8-6-1 ytd


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