Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Man on the Court

This is an old-school theory in open gym, and it seems to be working in College hoops these days. Several years back, I won the NCAA pool by picking Syracuse. My theory then was, Carmelo Anthony will always be the best player on the court, and thus Syracuse will continue to advance. This past weekend, Blake Griffin became the newest addition to this rule.

Oklahoma is one of my new favorite teams, for this reason and several others.

1. They beat Davidson, it has become abundantly evident that you need to be a very good TEAM to beat Davidson.
2. Griffin, does not force bad shots, ever!! He always gets a rebound when needed, and they are a patient team oriented group.
3. Big 12 hoops is down a bit this year. Oklahoma will have a favorable schedule, I will predict them to win about 28 games going into the tournament, giving them a #1 seed!
4. Blake Griffin is good! i know, very redundant, but you need to hear it twice. He will quietly get 20 rebounds in at least 15 games this year. He will periodically explode for 40 but will only average about 25 ppg on less that 15 shot attempts!!!

Other teams to watch as my new favorites. Georgetown played great this weekend, despite their loss to Tennessee. Their confidence will be high, but unfortunately the Big East is too tough. UConn will falter, but ND, Pitt, and Louisville will remain strong. Louisville will learn from their loss, and Notre Dame will never face a team like UNC again, unless the National Championship is on the line.

UNC is double digit favorite against every team in the nation. PERIOD!

Duke will not be exposed until later in the year!!!
Memphis will get better, still win a ton of games, but really cannot shoot. I would take Money in a game of horse vs Tyreke Evans if dunking were not allowed!

St. Mary's had their one loss for a while. They won't lose again until they play Gonzaga in Spokane, and I haven't even looked at their schedule.

Baylor is a funny squad who will look great on some nights: see the 31 points they scored in 9 minutes vs ASU, and terrible in other nights, see the Wake Forest debacle! They have old school game, and their guards all play like they are in their late 20's. When 3's are falling they will beat anyone, when not falling, well, they might lose at Nebraska this year!!!

Gambling advice- Parlays are hard to hit, and even though they are exciting and fun, B. Anthony is going to start to shy away from them. See Stats below:

Straight up games 18 wins 10 losses
2 team parlays 10 wins, 20 losses Pay out 13 to 5 still a winner, but barely
3 team Parlays- 1 win, 11 losses. Pay out at 6-1, loser; unless I am about to hit my next play.( Funny thing is, I hit one last night, and it felt so much better than the 11 losses that I am tempted to do it again..... STupid.....
4 team parlays- 0 wins, 2 losses (just doesn't happen! I won't do this again)

Find your straight plays, and lay the juice, and lay a bit more lumber!!!


Nothing really out there. I will try to stay off Va. Tech vs Wisconsin, but if I have to I will take Va Tech on the home court advantage and the thought that Wisconsin cannot continue to amaze.

USC -16.5 vs USF. Line is shrinking because no one trusts USC, and USF plays hard, but not sure I am buying on Rex Walters yet. USC will be better at every position, and it might be time for USF to come back to reality. They have not played against any true athletes yet. If it gets under 15 I will take SC.

Many big games this week, so lay low tonight, we will find some winners as the week progresses!

B. Anthony


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