Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Week

This week seems to get shorter and short every year. I really enjoy how Americans can take a one or two day holiday and make it a week long. No one outwardly admits this, but similar to the first weekend of March Madness, no one really works this week, they are prepping for stuffing themselves.

NCAA hoops betting:

B. Anthony is showing signs of improvement, even if it is his own mind. Last night, my year-long crush,Memphis, was playing. I used Xavier in a first half play, a game play, and tied them in with 3 other parlays. A wheel play like this is often encouraged for greedy gamblers trying to kill the book. The unusual thing, is going against Memphis. The sign of true intelligent betting is to follow a favorite team, and know when to go against them! Their athleticism really hasn't changed much, but they cannot put the ball in the hole. Period......... I do like the skinny freshman, Wesley Witherspoon, almost as much as Evans. As soon as these two learn to drive, and drive only, Memphis will win consistently again!

Picks today offer many options, but I am not biting on a lot of them.

Valpo +3 vs LaSalle- This is a 7th place game, and both teams don't know how to win yet. I will take the points..

Texas -10 vs St. Joseph's. This is a mismatch, and Pomeroy has Texas' defensive numbers improving early this year. Should be a 20 point game early if the Hawaii time change doesn't make both teams woozy!

Santa Clara +4.5 vs Georgia. Normally, I would never play SCU vs any SEC team. But this Georgia team is bad. They may not win a game in the SEC this year. Decimated by injury, transfer and graduation, I am sure their coaches wishes he hadn't made that miracle run to the dance last year. He was heading for the door before that happened. He will be gone by the end of this year, if not sooner! (by the way, Georgia lost to Loyola Chicago, and squeaked past East Michigan)

B. Anthony

10-7-1 ytd


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