Thursday, December 18, 2008

More College Craziness

I don't really care that Eric Gordon was square and a bunch of stoners on his team made him lose. He is a pro now and they are all gone.

I do, however, care that Ole Miss's coach got hammered and punched a cab driver this morning at 1am and his team is on National TV tonight. I am taking Louisville. This will be a distraction for his team. No matter what anyone says!!!

3-3 last night, and really should have just stayed away from profile games.


Louisville -15.5
Evansville +30. I love UNC, but with all the Hansborough hype, they will get bored at some point and around 25 it should level off. Evansville will play the entire game to not lose by 40, running clock, etc... This game should not be on TV. Plus, the majority of gamers will be on NC, so I am going opposite.

Niagara -4. They are 8-1 ATS, best in Nation. Staying on them!
Kent St -20 vs UNC Greensboro. UNC Green has been getting buried by 30 plus and getting used to it. Kent State needs to get healthy!

Good Luck-

B. anthony

29-18 ytd


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your anti-Ivy and anti-WCC calls today. You should also add an anti-Warriors play every day the rest of the year. I wonder what they are ATS this year. Can't be good.

9:42 AM  

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