Friday, December 05, 2008

Murphy's Law

2 great nights in a row are never posssible!

1-3 last night, with little opportunities to turn it around.

UCLA is classic for turning an over into an under. Last night with 2 minutes to go in a 3 point game, they needed to combine for 6 points with Texas to get a 2nd half over. Usually at the end of a close game with fouling and uncontested lay-ups you can expect 10+ points. However, UCLA for at least the 3rd time in recent memory bucked the trend. With 4 offensive rebounds they had a minute and 45 second possession that resulted in nothing. A few seconds later Texas made one free throw and the game was over. (along with my second half over chase bet) You have all been there, so thanks for bearing with me.

South Carlina -23.5 vs Furman in 15 minutes!!! Furman in 0-5 ATS this year. They are barely on the Pomeroy Chart and South Carolina is a solid # 57. Book it ( i did) By the way I am away from phones and computers for the next 7 days, so I am excited to say that I will have the memory of the Furman game on my mind for the next 168 hours of peace and solitude!

B Anthony 24-16 ytd


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