Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another night of hoops

3-3 again last night.

USC is either rounding into shape or Gtech was tired at the end of a west coast road trip. Money and I both picked USC as a top 10 team this year, and they are rounding into shape.

3 solid juniors, and one very smart unselfish freshman. I still see them going to the sweet 16!

Picks for today.
Niagara -2.5. 9-1 ats this year. Stay with them
Xavier -7.5. Bounce back game at home. Butler is tough, but I think they may get punished.
Cleveland St. -6. Good team looking to get on a roll against an overated Kent team
Illinois +3.5. Like the Illini vs overated Missou team.
St. Louis -4 vs a bad Fresno St. Team

Early Picks, possible others to follow

Stanford -4 at SCU.
Kansas +2.5 vs AZ

Top 3

Illinois, Cleveland State, Niagara

Merry X-mas!!!

B. Anthony
37-29 ytd


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