Thursday, January 08, 2009

HARVARD- #1 in the Country

Just ask Santa Clara! The Crimson, based on their Bay Area Ballers, is taking the nation by storm! Makes sense right, BC beats UNC by about 10 and then loses to Harvard by 12. I think Harvard is at least 20 points better than UNC on a neutral court!!!!

All kidding aside, this should have been an obvious let down game and Harvard did take advantage. However, the lines and public gamblers knew this. The game opened at 21.5 and went all the way down to 16.5. I guess that wasn't nearly enough. B. Anthony should have known better. And the reality is, I went against the public sentiment and thought the Eagles would eventually show up and win this game. There I go, underestimating Jeremy Lin, Again!

Good for the Gilmore's of the world who never beat BC in years at Harvard.

The late run by Davidson and the 2nd half by Gonzaga have kept B. Anthony in the game.

Today's Picks!!!

Wright St. +10.5 vs Butler. Big conference game, Butler wins, but they win close. Take the points.

VCU -4 vs Drexel. Eric Maynor will lead the way, even on the road this is double digits!

Cleveland St. -13.5
vs Loyola Chicago. I was about ready to jump off the bandwagon of Cleveland St. But this is the the type of game they win big to get their confidence back. I am on them once more.

Washington St. Pick vs Cal. Montgomery has this team playing great, and WSU is down this year. But this is a really hard place to play. I will take the home team and look for low scoring affair!

Good Luck,
B. Anthony
50-38 ytd


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