Saturday, March 01, 2008

UK Patterson out for the year

Just in case there are any Kentucky fans out there, it should be noted that Patrick Patterson has a stress fracture in his ankle and is out for the year. The wildcats had been coming on lately and making a run for the tournament after horrible preseason losses to Garder Webb and San Diego. They play at Tennessee tomorrow and were likely to get killed. I would imagine, this injury takes the wind out of their sails.

Saturday picks:

MARQUETTE -3.5 vs. Georgetown
The Golden Eagles have been turning it on recently, while the Hoyas are nothing special; 1-3 vs. the top 50 on the road.

Two evenly matched teams here. I will go with the elders in an upset here.

STANFORD -4.5 vs. Washington state
I will go with the Moron Twins in this game. They are now getting help from Goods and others. The cougars are very ordinary.

Tough lines out there on the Gonzaga/St. Mary's game at-6.5. SMC, or Patty Mills is hitting a wall now, which is not the best time to do it. Gonzaga is 50-2 at home, so an upset in not likely. I was all set to bet against Vanderbilt +6 at Arkansas after their big victory over Tennessee. The line is too high though.

Oh, congratulations to all of us. It's March!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Shitting in the Woods

Well, Pissing in the Wind was pretty successful, so why go away from the theory?

Now the hard job, trying to sort through 100 Saturday games to find winners in a few. This is Senior day for many schools, so some home teams should have an extra advantage.


Kent St. -8 at Bowling Green. Huge mismatch, and the Golden Flash have covered 4 in a row. Should be safely double digits down the stretch.

Uconn -4 vs West Virginia. I think Mountaineers have been overachieving all year. These CBS games are usually close, but this line should be closer to 6 or 7. Lay the juice.

Oklahoma Pick vs Texas A&M. Aggies are coming off a huge blow-out win. They won't be ready for Norman and the emotion behind the Sooners.


USC Pick vs Arizona St. I have been on the Trojans since last years final four when I picked them to make it this year. They are peaking again at the right time.

Texas -6 vs Texas Tech. There all many reasons why I could pick against the LongHorns, but I won't do it. They are a true #1 seed, and it is insulting that they are only favored by 6. Many crazy things will happen in this game, and there will be a lot of Focus on Robert Montgomery Knight, but the best athletes will win this game by 10 or more.

Cal +2 vs Washington. No good reason except that Cal laid and egg on Thursday and Washington played well at Stanford and probably shot their wad.


Gonzaga -4 vs St. Mary's. Home court and senior night are just too much for the Gaels. Good game but free-throws will make this an 8 point game, even the late 3 will still be OK.

Drake -10 vs Wichita St. The Drake is ready for a bounce back after their early week struggles. No shocking for the Shockers.

Kansas St +13 vs Kansas. The Jayhawks should win this one big, but 13 points against a Wildcat team that only plays well in big games. I think too many points. KU won't triple team Beasley, they have too much pride. Big mistake he will go for 35 and if Walker and help a little, this will be a close game.

Others to Watch: ( if we are hot early or if we can add some parlays in) These 3 could be good.

Memphis -12. Look at them as a first half play.
Houston -4
St. Louis -14.5

Good Luck,
B. Anthony
174-135-7 ytd

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pissing in the Wind

Money always has these cute little stories surrounding his picks, B. Anthony is generally too solely focused on the picks alone. I will try to give you a bit more detail.

Saint Louis +12 vs St. Joes. The Billikens are starting to figure out what Majerus wants. They will need to slow down St. Joes to have a chance, and with that strategy, 12 is a lot of points. Martelli and Majerus will go out to an Italian Joint after the game, so this should keep this game in single digits!

Notre Dame +8 vs Louisville. I think Louisville wins for sure, but with all the 3-point shooters on the Irish, this has back door cover written all over it!

Arkansas Little Rock -9 vs Denver. A Bad Denver team should still be division II. Lay the juice!

Wright St. +12.5 vs Butler. Butler is getting long in the tooth, and they don't blow people out. Wright St. battles and wins often in these league rivalry. I think there is a lot of value here!

USC +5 vs Arizona. Too similar teams with great athletes, I like the dog with the road success in the Pac-10 this year.

Washington St. -2.5 vs Cal. Take the Cougars. Cal and Braun are on their way out. Revenge is on the minds of the Cougars.

Good Gaming,
168-135-7 ytd

Please fire Ben Braun

I will admit that the result of my anguish for Cal’s football and basketball programs, have the same result (fire the coach), there is some reason for this insanity. I have been saying for years that we will look back on this Cal football team for the past two years and be amazed at the talent they had and the number of players from these years that make significant impacts in the NFL. Cal will never have better players than what they have had the past two seasons and they have nothing to show for it, excluding some crappy bowl victories. Yes, Tedford has led this team to become relevant again and a topic for discussion among the top 25, but they could be a lot better than that.

The same should be said for Ben Braun too. What has this guy done to deserve keeping him? He has been coaching this team since 1996. That is a long time. He has not made the NCAA tournament field of 65 four out of the past five years, and yes, I am including this year as another failure. Congratulations are in order for winning the NIT tournament in 1999, but it is time to turn the page.

This current team has 3 NBA players. Devon Hardin, who sucks, but has an NBA body, will be drafted in the first round at the end of the season. Ryan Anderson, who is fantastic, will also get drafted should he decide to leave early. And why wouldn’t he? Patrick Christopher, if he stays in college for 1 or 2 more years will also get drafted and have a nice career in the NBA. That is 3 players on this team and they won’t even get into the NCAA tournament. Most good teams have 2 sure-fire players and Cal has three.

Please fire Ben Braun and bring in Mike Montgomery.

Picks for tonite;

NOTRE DAME +8 @ Louisville
This should be a great game. I love both teams. I am anxious to see how ND does against the Louisville zone and the pressure from the Cardinals. I think both teams are legit final four teams. I give Notre Dame a very good chance to pull off the upset tonite.

WISCONSIN – 5.5 vs. Michigan state
There are several teams that I don’t like betting on; Texas A&M, Cal, and Michigan state to name a few. They have a few moments of greatness, but mainly they just suck. Let’s hope that MSU does not have one it’s moments tonite.

PAC 10 theory:
As we all can attest, betting on the Pac 10 is a difficult assignment, especially on Thursday evenings. Any team is capable of beating anyone, anywhere with the exception of Oregon state. However, once Saturday rolls around some team may have won a game they should not have and will feel good about a split for the weekend and vice versa for the loser of that game. Case in point last weekend was Arizona state whooping up on Washington. Knowing this, I will give you my picks, but I think the best bet will come from an upset team taking it out on somebody else on Saturday.

Washington +11
Cal +2
UCLA -6.5
USC +5


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Guess who's number one now

Well that did not last long. Tennessee's stay as the number one team in the country lasted less than 48 hours. The Vandy game was a classic trap game and hopefully, we all benefited from it. So with their impending drop from the top rank, who will vault to the number one spot next week? Well, Memphis is #2 in the AP and North Carolina is #2 in the coach’s poll. My bet is that it will be Memphis. My bet is also that they will pound Tulsa tonite. They know they played horribly and will be looking to avenge their loss to UT and take it out on Tulsa. They will shoot better, pound it inside, rebound and play better defense. I really don't think this game will ever be close.

MEMPHIS -19 vs. Tulsa
You may as well take the first half -10.5 too.

MIAMI +8.5 @ Clemson
Big game for Miami who is suddenly back in the NCAA bracket picture now.

CINCINATTI +11 @ Pittsburgh
The way these two teams play defense, this game will never go above double digits.


Blow Out Wednesday, One Dog

Teams are making their final push towards the tourney, and there are several mismatches tonight. I will take all big favorites less one.

Memphis -19 vs Tulsa. Angry, explosive, and no longer worried about perfection. That ESPN Montage on perfection was a joke and the Tigers will be better going forward because of the loss. They still are going to have to make a miraculous shooting change if they want to get to the final 4.

Kansas -11.5 vs Iowa St. Ditto, they wont' sleep two nights in a row. The Cyclones are in for a long night at home!

Georgetown -17.5 vs St. Johns. The Johnnies have quit this year. they will get thumped by 20 again.

Georgia Tech +15.5 vs Duke. Sorry, I can't help but bet against the Dukies. Gtech has some tremendous athletes and always gets up to play at Duke and UNC. They almost beat the Heels earlier this year, they will give the Devils a scare.

B. Anthony
167-132-7 ytd

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hangover rule

Missouri -5 vs Oklahoma St. Cowboys had a great run in beating Kansas. But that was in Stillwater, they will lose on the road, and lose badly.

Vanderbilt +3 vs #1 Tennessee. This will be a bad week for Pearl despite his first #1 ranking. By the end of the Week he will get a harassment charge from CBS and Erin Andrews, and they will lose at Vandy after enjoying the #1 spot for less than 24 hours!

Must win rule:

Southern Illinois+1 vs Bradley. Salukis are in a must win situation, and if they make a solid run down the stretch we can see them dance.

New Mexico -4 vs BYU. The Lobos are great at home and have to beat their own personal antithesis BYU. These are the two best teams in the Mountain West, but the home team will prevail led by JR. Giddens.

B. Anthony
165-130-7 ytd

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Quick Pick Night

Beasley and Walker will continue to put up big numbers, but not sure if I can truly continue to believe in Kansas State winning a lot of games. My Lean here is toward Texas, but it is such a good game, it doesn't need to be played. But just for the fun of it, 91-89 Kansas State!!!

Marquette -2 vs Villanova. The run for 'Nova is over. They got a bit of confidence going for 5 minutes, but back to reality!

Santa Clara -11 vs USF. Dons Suck.

San Diego +11.5 vs St. Mary's. Too many points, even though Gaels have revenge on their mind, and our Angry about Saturday's loss.

B. Anthony
162-130-7 ytd

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Games Only, Bounce Back

Louisville -1 at Pitt

Notre Dame -6.5 vs Syracuse. Great home team continues roll

Cal +10 at stanford. Rivalry take points.

Wright State +11.5 at Illinois St. Too many points.

good gaming,

B. Anthony
159-130-6 ytd