Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some picks for Sunday

There are quite a few interesting games on Sunday. Here are my thoughts on good bets:

TENNESSEE +10 @ Kentucky
Chris Lofton is doubtful and may not play, but 10 points in a rivalry game like this is too much.

MARQUETTE -6 @ South Florida
The Golden Eagles are on a roll and will have no trouble with SF

VIRGINIA TECH +5 @ Georgia Tech
I love both teams, and think Ga Tech can really make some noise in the tournament, but these two teams are even, the line should be around -3

I am with Susan on this. I enjoy betting against Duke and always take the opportunity when presented.

UCLA -4.5 @ Stanford
I smell a blowout.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tap it back

There is a saying in the Money family known as “tap it back”. This phrase mainly comes when Money and younger brother 50 Cent compete on the tennis court, usually every three years or so, for Money (not me – CASH). The result is always the same, big brother whoops up on little brother, little brother complains that big brother does not hit the ball like a man and merely just “taps it back”, and finally little brother pays big brother. Money does not agree with the referenced style of play, but does enjoy the extra cash.

With that said, I thought I would throw out my thoughts on a few weekend games to Susan. Feel free to “tap it back” to me with thoughts on these games or others.

ARIZONA +4 vs. North Carolina
Even during this cold spell for the Wildcats, I am still quite bullish on them, even going up against one of the best teams in the country. The lack of depth will, as always, be tested, but I like Arizona’s five better than the Tarheels.

USC pk @ Cal
Stanford proved to be too tall for USC. They won’t have the same trouble against the smaller undermanned Bears.

Aaron Brooks will be back, and he was sorely missed against Washington. This Cougar team, while not getting the attention, is a possible national contending team and will prevail at home versus the Ducks.

OREGON STATE +14 @ Washington
I know, I am a little Pac 10 top heavy. Just because I picked Washington on Thursday, does not mean I want her sitting next to me.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Susan B. Good

Susan had another nice evening last night and looks to keep it rolling. There are quite a few interesting Pac 10 games tonite. We will learn who the true Pac 10 MVP is tonite. Is it Aaron Brooks of Oregon or Aaron Afflalo of UCLA? I hate to say it, but if Oregon can beat Washington in Seattle without Brooks, who is serving a suspension, then he is not the MVP. I bet this team folds without their leader, a sign of a true MVP. Afflalo, on the other hand may be without their "glue" guy, Luc Mbah a Moute. This game means a lot to the Bears and their tournament chances, but it is likely that they are facing a team head and shoulders above them and stumble at home.

College hoops picks

USC +1.5 @ Stanford
The trojan is one of my favorite sleeper betting teams.

WASHINGTON -4 vs. Oregon
Washington has its holes, no doubt, but Oregon will struggle without their leader, Aaron Brooks.

BUTLER -2.5 @ Loyola - Chi
Butler has the defense to dispose of this high scoring team

Roll with Winners!

Despite the doubting Thomas's out there, games can be won even if you don't know the mascot! I will get directly to the games as that is why we read Susan B.

***Long Beach State +2. The wrong team is favored here, just take the money.

** Northern Arizona -6. They are the class of these league and will show it early

** Blowout special. Washington State -16.5 will suffocate Oregon State, another embarassing loss.

**Clemson +6.5. I know all of you hate Duke as much as I do, except maybe Caldbeck!

*USC +1.5. Speaking of hating teams! Let's go with the quick team against the slow, get every foul call, Stanford team!

You can look forward to a running tally of Susan B Anthony's picks.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We are .... Marshall?

Do my eyes deceive me? The TRUTH is littered with teams like William and Mary and Wright state. I can't speak for Susan, but Money has standards. Money likes to know a player, a conference, a stat, a mascot, something...anything before he can lay down a bet William and Mary +13. I know this about making money and being wright, but being wrong in this case will just simply make you look stupid, which of course I know you are not.

I would love to bet against all of Susan's games, but you did the research on these pathetic teams and I did not, so I will stay away from your games. But, Money is a big fan of the "look ahead game". With that said, I would not bet on either Ohio State -10 at Northwestern or Michigan State -17.5 playing Minnesota. These two underdogs get the luxury of the favorites looking way past them for their own Big 10 matchup.

I prefer to be wrong with at least a team or coach that I can rattle off a few stats from the Money memory bank.

With that said, here are Money's picks for the day.

WAKE FORREST +16 vs. North Carolina
I do not like this Demon Deacon team, but they should still put up a good fight. North Carolina is looking past these guys with their eyes on Arizona.

LSU -7 vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt has beat some quality teams, but not on the road, aside from Kentucky in their last game. They won't do it again.

Low Profile Winners

Susan B. knows the secret to winning these games. As much as Vegas tries to study every game, they know that we will mostly bet top 25 teams, or teams that we are somehow associated with. For example, how often to you find yourself trying to pick Pac-10 games because they are close by. That is why we will cover Missouri Valley games and others that are less obscure. The only true rule is, "when you think you know, you just don't." I was able to handicap some of these games before looking at Vegas spread. Many of my lines were very close to Vegas, but here are the winners where Vegas and the public will be off by enough points that we can get a win.

***Wright State -7. This should be -9.5 or 10. Those extra points will help. Take the Wright way.

**William and Mary +13. I saw this game as -8 and wanted to take Old Dominion, but at 13 points go with William & Mary, Mit Winter loves this game!

***West Virgina-10. This should be -13, and West Virginia should beat Marshall by 20!

**Tulsa +19. Memphis will win handily, but they will get sloppy down the stretch, and the 20 point lead will turn into a 15 point victory. I handicapped this game at -14 for Memphis, but at 19, I like Tulsa!

Others to Watch.

*Ohio State -10.5
*Drexel -6
**Texas Tech +2.5. Vegas knows something on this game. Texas A&M is a very good team, maybe final four worthy, but they will stumble in Lubbock. Here is a game that Vegas worked on very hard, and they want you to play A&M. Tech is the play

There is a full board out there. Don't get in the habit of playing more than 5 games. Today you have 4 straight plays, and you can mix in the bottom 3 in some parlays.

Good Luck,
Susan B.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Super thoughts

Well we now have our Superbowl. Not great, but not bad either. It would have been a disaster with the Patriots playing the Bears. The Colts comeback saved us all. The early line on this game is -7. Wow, that's a lot for an overrated Colts team. My early thoughts are to take the Bears in this game, and possibly even the moneyline, but I am not happy about that thought. I do not like this team nor do I want them to win. They win, but they are not pretty. Money likes pretty.

College hoops today;
Susan B is a fan of Air Force, at least for tonite. Money is starting to sour on these guys. Their offense is outstanding, but they are allowing too many points on the defensive side. I think they are a good team, but vegas and Susan B seem to be overrating them. I politely disagree and abstain from this pick.

Money has two recommendations today

FLORIDA STATE +4 @ boston college
Two teams going in opposite directions. BC is running out of players and will be without one of their two floor leaders, Sean Williams.

NOTRE DAME -5.5 @ St. John's
Unlike in football, this team is talented. This game will be played at Madison square garden so the home court advantage for St. John's will be minimal. St. John's will have a letdown coming off their big victory over Syracuse.

Go Against the Public

Money has given you some good knowledge the last few days, so hopefully you are following. Susan B. Anthony is ready to start re-minting her dollars, so stay abreast. There is a pretty light board today, but there is money to be made. We have to wait 2 weeks to bet on the coin-toss in Miami. Take tails! There will also be some great cross-over bets with the over vs how many points Kobe scores, or some crap like that. Take the football game points over the nba player to be named later.

But, let's get to college hoops.

Northern Iowa +7.5 at Southern Illinois. Too big a game for there to be a blow-out, this will be a nail biter, take the points.

Air Force in the blow out special. -17 points is a lot, but they will win by 25 or more as TCU just wants to get this game over with. (It has already moved to 18 on some websites, get on it.)

Providence -1 at home. Just when everyone thinks Villanova is back to good ball, the home advantage in the Big East will come through.

Trap game, Auburn +2.5 against Alabama. How is it possible that Alabama is not favored? This is an unpredictable game, and Vegas knows more than most of us. I know you are tempted to play Alabama, but if you have to play this game out of some sickness, play Auburn. I recommend staying away.

PS, if you are junky like me, watch this one in the NBA, Phoenix vs Washington, over 232.5 is the highest you will see all year, take the over !!! 1984 is back in the NBA 145-138

Money, the gauntlet is out there, let's see how we do.

Good Luck! Susan B.