Saturday, March 03, 2007

Money likes the favorites today

Typically you will find Money taking a lot of home underdogs, but there are a lot of top 25 favorites that Money can keep his eyes off of. Enjoy the day, and keep your eyes on the championship games this weekend in preparation for the tournament.

Check back tomorrow for Sunday games too!

Saturday games:

Kansas -8.5 vs. Texas
Texas laid an egg after their triple OT winner over Oklahoma state earlier this year, and Money thinks the same thing will occur here. This game should be close for a bit, but the depth of KU will be too tough for the longhorns.

Wisconsin -8 vs. MSU
Michigan state is 1-7 on the road. Last game for Tucker. Revenge for Wisconsin. Money likes this game.

Uconn +12.5 @ Georgetown
While this game means a lot for the Hoyas, as they can get a piece of the Big East crown with a win, they have had a tough time with the Huskies in the past. This game will be played at the Verizon center eliminating a “true” home crowd for the Hoyas. The Huskies excel at defense, eliminating the blowout here.

VANDERBILT -4.5 vs. Arkansas
I think Vanderbilt has a good chance to do some damage in the tournament. They may catch some teams by surprise. They play outstanding at home and I am a bit surprised at how low this line is. The razorbacks are 1-8 on the road.

TEXAS A&M -13.5 vs. Missouri
The Aggies may be in a position to win a share of the league title, but that would mean that Texas beats Kansas, which I don’t believe will happen. Nevertheless, this team is so tough and plays with so much pride; they will still cover this game. I have a major man-crush on Acie Law. He is so clutch and will carry this team to the final four, at least.

Championship games: One of these teams will be dancing

DAVIDSON -4 vs. College of Charleston
I am going with the better defensive team here and sticking with the league champ. No upset here

Friday, March 02, 2007

Freaky Friday

Do you ever feel like you changed lives with a big-time college coach and you are sweating out free-throws? You know that feeling that you hope the big alumni waited until game time to bet on your team so they got them at -10.5 and not -12, as your leading scorer misses two meaningless free throws, and you win by 11 instead of 13. This is the world these coaches live in. They get 500K a year in salary, and 5 million + in benefits from alumni, Nike, and others. There is no such thing as a meaningless free throw.

On to the games on a slow Friday even though the excitement is building.

Cornell -10 vs Harvard. Just another chance for Harvard to fold up the tents and find a reason to get rid of that SOB of a coach.


b. Anthony

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The March to Madness!

B. Anthony echos the sentiments of Money and is more than a little excited for March to begin. In honor of that, we will play some conference tournament games today. The best part of these tournaments is that the games are all day long for the next week or so. This means we can watch games on-line all day! Production goes down around the country at a neck breaking speed. The little story about Wrigley touched my soul, but the rest of you should realize, this is money making time. You can't buy more predictable winners than this site has been providing!

Some of my favorite under the radar teams are in action today and tonight, so let get to the winners.

Low Profile Routes

Davidson -12 vs Chattanooga. This was a 30 point game when they last played, and Chattanooga had to play yesterday to qualify for this game. This line is moving up so don't be afraid to get on it. This game will tip at 11:00am PST so don't sleep on it. An early blow-out is a great way to start your day. Davidson has had a great year, but they need to win this tournament to get in. They will likely be facing a talented Appalachian St. team in a few days.

Appalachian St. -12.5 vs Western Carolina. I tried to stay away from this game, but the line should be 20, and Western Carolina played a close game yesterday and will be tired for this one. Appalachian State has some players that can really run. This game will be over early. If your book carries this game, enjoy the lay-up.

Do you see a pattern here?, lets keep it rolling with one more.

Memphis -12 vs Texas El Paso . The last time UTEP had a team that could compete with this Memphis team, Don Haskins was a young man, and he was teaching Adolph Rupp and his star forward Pat Riley a lesson about hoops. This UTEP team is looking forward to the season ending. Memphis is still trying to climb the rankings and prove people wrong. I don't see them giving up 8 straight to end the game like they did last time out. This is another 20 point win.

Great Games

Virginia- 2 vs Virginia Tech. A huge home battle that the Cavaliers will pull off. Va Tech is not nearly as hungry to win this game, and Singletary will light up his home court one more time. A fitting Senior night tribute for him and keeping an ACC top seed possibility alive!

USC +3.5 vs Washington. This line keeps moving up, and the Huskies are a good home team, but not this good. USC needs one win on this trip to feel like they have a great resume. Tonight is the night to get it, they will put all their energy here. Washington is going to the NIT, and their inability to finish things off will hurt them again tonight. This will be a buzzer beater, and USC may just pull off the win in Seattle when the freshman Hawes misses a big free throw down the stretch.

Good Gaming and Out,
B. Anthony

It’s March!

Good morning hoop junkies. Today marks the first day of the best month of year. I hope your March is filled with many office pools and successful 3 team parlays.

On that note, I have to share an experience of one of our subscribers, Wrigley. I would categorize Wrigley as a very safe and smart gambler is there is such a thing. He does not wager a lot of money on games and never chases when he is down. Frankly, that is Money’s downfall, but I digress.

Wrigley is a frequent viewer of the Truth and often places 3 or 4 team parlays to catch a little buzz after leaving the office. Well, last night was different and Wrigley was intrigued by the number of games documented on the Truth. Several bets and parlays were made, but one bet stuck out to me. Wrigley placed a 9 team 10 dollar parlay. A parlay that if he hit it, would turn his 10 dollar investment into $3000.00

The 4pm games were as follow:

Villanova pk: Had an early lead and held off Uconn in the end
St. Joseph’s +12: Close, but a win is a win.
Vanderbilt +1: He went against Money. Good for Wrigley.

The 6pm games kept things rolling;

Auburn -2: Never in doubt
Alabama -4.5: Strong second half put this game away
Arkansas -4: Nice call Wrigley
Maryland +6: Impressive victory at Duke. Sweet 16 sleeper team
Texas -2: A push. Although Wrigley placed an earlier bet on Texas at -1.5

The late game….

UNLV -2.5:

I don’t know about you, but I have never placed a 9 team parlay. I think the most I have ever done is 5 or 6 games. I think I have hit a 5 teamer a few times. Wrigley had 8 games of a 9 team parlay already in, and he was still alive! With 13:11 left in the game, UNLV was up 58-42. This was going to be a special night, or at least so thought Money. The Lobos put together a couple of runs and made it close and ultimately tied the game. In the end the crooked bastards from Vegas won by 2 points, 85 -83 and Wrigley missed out on $3000.00 by a ½ point. He took a 9 team parlay to the last game. Actually, to the last second. Unbelievable. When I saw the final score, I threw up on my keyboard. Incidentally, I am typing this response from my colleague’s laptop.

I salute you. This was a fantastic bet that proved to be entertaining for all of us. Keep it up. With gambling, there is always tomorrow.

Today’s picks:

UTAH STATE +4.5 vs. Nevada
Nevada has already clinched the WAC title and is effectively playing for nothing. Utah would love to have a victory against the wolfpack on their resume.

This game means everything to Washington state. I doubt there has ever been a bigger game in the history of this basketball program. Ucla can’t compete with that.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Roll Tide Roll

The season is heating up, and Florida is continuing to lull teams to sleep. Billy Donovan is going to have some tough practices leading up to the tournament, and I think this Gator team is going to hungry by March 15th. I feel sorry for the 15 or 16 seed they play in the first round. They are the type of team that can build some momentum by blowing out inferior competition.

However, I am sure you money hungry folks don't want to hear about that, you want picks. Especially since this site has provided you a combined 11 winners out the last 13 games Money and B. Anthony have taken. B. Anthony respects the opinion of Money so he will pick 4 different games.

Maryland +6 at Duke: This is not a Duke hating pick, as I have been on their side in the past week. Maryland is playing much better, and DJ is hitting his stride coming off a career high performance. His stroke reminds me of his pops years before the crack took over. Duke has trouble with ball pressure and they will see it for 40 minutes. I am not guarateeing an upset, but this will be a very close game. Take the points.

Clemson -10.5 vs Miami: The Hurricanes lost their point guard due to another suspension; their second in as many weeks. Point guards are very important in college basketball, and this will be evident tonight. Clemson will win this game going away, as they are a team who thrives at home and rolls with momentum. They will kick Miami while they are down.

St. Josephs + 12 at Xavier: This is just too many points for a game that has consistently been a rivalry for the past 10 years. Martelli's team is not that far out of it, and they always battle to the end of the year. St. Joe's already has beaten Xavier this year, and although Xavier will have revenge on their mind, they won't win by this much. I had this line at 9, and I see it as a single digit victory for the Musketeers. Take the points and the Bald genius!

Alabama -4.5 vs Mississippi: This will be a bounce back game for Alabama. A loss to rival Auburn has finally woken up this bunch. Amazingly, they still have a chance to get into the tournament. They are ready to make a 4 game run that will have them dancing, and then they will likely win a couple more games in the dance. Ronald Steele is still a very good point guard, and he realizes his career is almost over. This team just took a long time to wake up. Roll tide Roll!

B. Anthony

I feel used

Money and B. Anthony pride themselves on providing insight, wit and point spread winners for college basketball. But lately, all we are hearing is "Gimme the picks". We get the feeling that you are listening to what we are saying, but if we were women, you would just be staring at our breasts.

VILLANOVA +1.5 @ Uconn
If Villanova expects to get in the tournament, and Money believes they are definitely a tournament team, then this is a game they absolutely have to win. They will.

SOUTH CAROLINA +1 vs. Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt is quite the feel good story this year. With that said they are in the tournament and not playing at home, where they play considerably better. Emotion in South Carolina wins out tonite.

AUBURN -1.5 vs. Lsu
LSU’s season ended when they beat Florida.

TEXAS -2 vs. Texas A&M
This game is a trap. A&M should be favored. They dominated the Longhorns last time they played and put up 100 points. With that said, this will be a different game in Austin. Texas could use this game for the NCAA resume as their biggest wins this season have been LSU and Texas Tech, not very impressive.

UNLV -2.5 @ New Mexico
The Pitt used to be an intimidating place to play, almost impossible to beat the home team. Not anymore. This is a game that UNLV does not need to win, but can’t afford to lose. Does that make sense?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

The hours are passing slowly in anticipation of Selection Sunday and the sojourn to Vegas for the greatest weekend of the year. As the end of the season draws near, teams are starting to show their true colors. Unfortunately for all the SCU Bronco fans, their team puckered up the old corn hole and couldn't win one of two in the south against LMU or Pepperdine. This is not a good sign, as they will now have to face rival St. Mary's in the semi-final and then likely be emotionally exhausted heading into the final Gonzaga match-up. I am rooting for them, but my confidence in waining.

In addition to teams showing their real worth, the trends are tracking steady. The Hangover trend has started to overtake the revenge trend. Another trend that B. Anthony will take advantage of today is travel in the smaller conferences. The Horizon league, has the first stage of its conference tournament tonight. This league is really only a two team race, so some of these teams may really just be hoping for the season to end. The trick will be determining if the visitors will have any energy left after a long bus ride.

See the low profile winners below: Horizon League Tournament

Wisconsin GB -7.5 vs Cleveland St. Cleveland St. had their last hurrah beating Youngstown St. last week. This is a conference tourney play in game, where the bottom six teams compete to just qualify for the 6 team tournament this weekend. This road trip will not be good on the back or the knees for Cleveland St. These teams have already played twice this season, and both games were 13 point victories for Wisconsin Green Bay. This is a trend that will continue.

Wisconsin Milwaukee + 8 vs Illinois Chicago. These two teams have both won the home match-up this year, so this is the tie breaker. I give the edge here to Wisc. Mil because of the points. IL-Chicago is playing well and just won a great battle on Saturday against Loyola. This game just took too much out of them. They will likely win tonight because they are at home, but not by 8 or more points. Take the Dog!

Rivalry game for my Job!

Michigan +2 vs Michigan State. Tommy Amaker was one of a very select few Duke players that I liked. He has not proved much as a coach, and really is likely not mean enough or dirty enough to recruit Detroit. However, he has a great chance to steal a victory from Michigan State tonight. If he can get this win, he may save his job as well.

Michigan St. had a huge week last week, and assured themselves a tourney bid. This team is ripe for a let down. There is no doubt even the last man on the bench had some friends with new benefits this weekend. The arena in Michigan will be loud and it will be a senior night for the 4 leading scorers on the Wolverines. This team will claw their way to victory. As they said in the classic movie Red Dawn, "Wolverines!"


B. Anthony
(71-54-1 ytd)

Did Money jinx Florida?

I am a fan of the Gators. They are fun to watch and they have tremendous talent. But as Money has said all year long, they won’t repeat. I predicted Kansas to cut down the nets a month ago and they have done nothing to change my mind.

UCLA had it’s run of dominance in the 70’s and after that, only Duke in ’91 and ’92 have repeated. Florida, as well as all past National Champs, has had a target on their back. This target appears to have surfaced now, as many teams are laying their claims to make the tournament by beating the Gators.

Florida will be in for a dogfight tonite vs. Tennessee. The Gators are too unpredictable and I have stated in the past, their ability to turn their game on and off is both a blessing and a curse. Bruce Pearl will have his team ready to go and would love to have his all time favorite player, senior Dane Bradshaw, go out a winner in Knoxville. This game is too close for me to call, although I do love a good home dog.

OKLAHOMA STATE -2 vs. Kansas state
The cowboys have not been winning a lot of games recently, but their coach seemed impressed with their effort in the last game against Texas Tech. They play well at home (13-2) and fighting for the tournament lives. A spread like -2, may as well be a pick. OSU wins the game.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Not so Big Monday!

Great weekend of college hoops! There is nothing we here at the Truth like more than all the hype that surrounds the March Madness. I loved watching teams like Kansas and Louisville show up this weekend and just take care of business. On the other hand, do North Carolina and Florida really think they can just show up for their conference tourney and the Big Dance and teams will just roll over? They need to start their winning now and create some momentum!

Sleeper picks for the tournament:

Winthrop- They have big guards, and experienced players. When our crack staff researched the minutes played by this team, it was noted that 7 seniors and 1 junior played the majority of the minutes. I will pick them to go the sweet sixteen, brackets unseen!

Appalachian State- They will battle with Davidson to see who gets in the tournament, but if they dance, they will show some moves. They are like Emslie, you think, "how can this big goof dance?" But then he hits the floor and is surrounded by nuggets as he pops his way across the floor. This team can play, and no one pays attention to them. They have a great cast of players and a high RPI.

UNLV- Not really a sleeper anymore. They will get a 7-8 seed or somewhere in that range. Don't be surprise if they win 2 games!

Santa Clara- If they get into the tournament by winning WCC conference tournament. They will cover in the first round and may even pull at 4 vs 13 upset. They are big, I mean Huge. They will slow the tempo, foul hard, and make free throws. Hope for the Broncos and points!

Tonight's board: Not a lot out there, let's be patient!

I will take a team making a run right now who really wants to get into the dance.

Syracuse +4 vs Georgetown. The Orangemen will pack it in a zone and dare Georgetown to beat them from the perimeter. The Hoyas just came off a big win against Pitt, and they will have a slight hangover from the House party in DC on Saturday that didn't end until Sunday night! I heard Kid N Play were there spinning some 80's tunes!


B. Anthony

Down the stretch they come!

We are entering the last week of conference play for most teams. Some leagues, such as the WCC have their conference tournament taking place this weekend. Wow. March is within our grasp and visions of white guys, with goatees, and hats on backwards in Vegas are dancing in my head. That may sound like a creepy visual, but it is the look of 98% of the people during the first weekend of the tournament. And the thought of being in Vegas betting on every game, is now becoming a reality once again.

Be prepared for senior night this week. It is probably overrated when it comes to placing bets on teams, but in the right situation it can surely help you. The fans will be into the game and most likely the team will be pretty excited as well.

Monday night

OKLAHOMA +8 vs. Kansas
This game represents a good opportunity to bet on a team that plays well at home and has a couple of key seniors playing in their last game. Oh, they are playing Kansas too. The atmosphere should be electric and the game should be close.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday Bloody Sunday!

This hoops season continues to show it's predictable unpredictability. Even lowly Youngstown State fell for the old hangover, banana in the tailpipe trick. After a great win against Wright State Thursday, they have the classic sleep walking game and lose to Cleveland State. Money and B. Anthony are able to identify most of these games before they happen, but even
this one avoided us. If you are going out on your own, these are the type of game you want to look for in the last 2 weeks before the tourney.

There will be some bloody games today, so even though B. Anthony has been making an effort to find underdogs, we have a few favorites today.

Memphis -17.5 vs Houston. Last home game for Memphis, they are shooting the ball great, and Dorsey is the biggest strongest man in the world! They have done nothing to make me think they won't win by 30 points again. And, I am starting to believe they are actually underrated, not overrated! 92-63

Duke -7 vs St. Johns. Like Stanford, I am always trying to bet against Duke. But this Duke is improving and St. Johns is terrible. I know that St. John's once beat Duke in a inter-conference game on a Sunday a few years ago, and this team will really want to try hard and beat the pretty boys from Durham, but it just won't happen. They cannotshoot, make free-throws, or even pass for that matter. Louisville embarrassed them, and Duke will do the same. 72-59

Louisville -1 vs UConn. This simply a momentum game of huge proportions. UConn is going in the wrong direction, and has been unable to turn it around. Louisville has finally matured and B. Anthony cannot pick against them again. I am sure "Anonymous" will love this pick. Take the Ville". 82-70

In the big match-up, I like Ohio State -4, but this game is going to be so fun, no need to bet it. I also like Arizona St. +6 vs Arizona to follow up their only a win in league with a competitive battle against a cocky Wildcat squad.


B. Anthony