Friday, February 08, 2008

Saturday Preparation + Blowout Special

B. Anthony has hit a stride lately, and it is only bolstered by Money's prognostications that don't match up. This leaves me little choice but to continue to play Memphis. Especially when money is disagreeing.

Friday Night:

St. Mary's -19 in a route over USF. This game has already moved from 17, who knows how high it will go. This Don team is very bad, terrible energy and attitude, and I am not going out on a limb to say they may not win again this year!

IVY League. I am waiting for the Hawk to make some comments, this is still his area!!


Memphis -21 vs Central Florida: Just because domination is habit forming!

Kansas St -9 vs Oklahoma St. More points and rebounds for Beasley!

Stanford -21 vs Oregon St. The Cardinal is on a roll, they could win by 40. They did this a few years ago, and covered 10 straight!

Baylor +17 vs Kansas. Too Many points!!! This will be a big game for Baylor and they will hang around to keep it under 20 and the late buckets will get the cover.

Louisville -2.5 vs Georgetown. Two teams going in opposite directions. Louisville could win by double digits!

New Mexico -14 vs Wyoming. Another home blowout for Lobos.

Washinton St. -4 vs USC. I really like the Trojans, but the Cougars are going to put an end to this losing streak.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
120-96-2 ytd
55.5% and climbing

Fewer distractions

With each passing week, we get closer to March Madness as well as eliminate the other sporting distractions. We should have a full compliment of games to watch and wager on Saturday and Sunday.

Here is an early peek for games on Saturday. These are early lines, so they are likely to change.

NOTRE DAME -5 vs. Marquette
I think the Irish could make the final four. A lot would have to depend on the matchups but they are a solid team. Payback for the trouncing they took by Marquette earlier in the season.

SETON HALL +5.5 @ Villanova
I don’t get it. Vegas, or at least the public, is in love with Villanova. Seton Hall wins outright.

MICHIGAN STATE -18.5 vs. Northwestern
The cure for every hangover; Northwestern at home. The Spartans will come out strong after embarrassing loss to Penn State. Neitzel goes off.

LOUISVILLE -2.5 vs. Georgetown
Here comes my team. The Hoyas are some what of a fraud.

PURDUE +9.5 @ Wisconsin
The winner will take sole possession of first place in the Big 10. Purdue won’t win, but Wisconsin won’t win by 10.

Who are your Ivy picks for tonite?


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Memphis Blues

I hate to rain on the Memphis parade, but I will. We all know this is B. Anthony’s team and there is room on the bandwagon. It is not as if my preseason pick, Louisville, is any better off, but I am just not a believer in this team, and the reason is Free Throws. Memphis is ranked 323 out of 328 Division I schools in Free Throw %. That is pathetic. You will not win a championship with numbers like that from the free throw line. You can bet on that.

Memphis is not covering due to a made three point shot at the end of the game. They don’t cover because they shoot 55% (vs. SMU) from the free throw line. Fix that and you got a chance. Otherwise, enjoy the undefeated season and take a seat next to the Patriots.

I think I figured out why I hate Duke so much. Is there anything more annoying than a duke point guard clapping his hands on the floor trying to fire up team, while emphasizing strong defense? I saw Paulus do this the other day and thought of Wojo, Collins and the long lineage of duke point guards and I felt nauseous. They did cover last night, so that made Money feel temporarily better.

Good picks last night B. Anthony and I concur with your picks below, although I would stay away from the Rhode Island game personally.

PITTSBURGH -3 vs. West Va
This will be an ugly game, but Pitt is starting to grow on me.

ILLINOIS +1.5 vs. Indiana
I wish this line was higher, and it should be, but Illinois will win this game. Indiana has two players, and one of them is playing hurt (Gordon) and won’t have a good game in Illinois. The fans will be worse to him than the Oregon fans were to Love.

OREGON +9.5 @ Stanford
I am still not a believer of Stanford, not until they get consistent scoring from Hill and Goods, and Johnson is on the bench. Oregon keeps this close and punches Stanford in the mouth.


Pac-10 Thursday!

B. Anthony needs to be brief. A quick complaint that Memphis, -31 last night, was up 40 and laid down. Not only that, they gave up a 3 with 35 seconds left to go from up 32 to up 29 and then ran out the clock. Oh well, still 4-2 for the night.

Tonights Winners:

UCLA -2 vs Washington St. Tough place to play, but UCLA is on a roll and they dominated the last meeting!

Rhode Island +3 vs UMASS. This line is off just a few points. This +3 will make a difference when this one comes down to the last shot.

USC Pick vs Washington. Trojans will prevail tonight, but will lose on Saturday at WSU.

Xavier -8.5 vs St. Louis. This line should be 10 or more. Lay the points!

Thats it for now,

Good Gaming
B. Anthony

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

True Blue Shout out

Just a quick note on the biggest game of the year for the famous Sally Brown. here is my take on the UNC v Dukies game!

I think UNC will be too strong inside for Duke, even though I am worried about the Lawson factor. My bet is he plays injured! Lay the points on NC, but likely better to wait until halftime, as Duke will have early lead until post play takes over in the final 8 minutes.

Look for some great UNC cheerleaders and hopefully some crying players from Duke as the clock expires!

B. Anthony

Plethora of Games

Wednesdays appear to be a huge game day, so we will always have some extras. We will focus on a few of B. Anthony's rules today for the winners.

#1 rule, anger.

Memphis is angry that they were 1-17 vs UTEP and only won by 6. They will abuse SMU!
Memphis -31 vs SMU

UConn +3 vs Syracuse. UCONN is always angry, just check the arrest records. Plus, how are they not favored, they are playing great!

Kansas State -10.5 vs Nebraska. They are coming off an embarassing loss, young teams like this are hot and cold, time for a hot night!

#2 Something to play for, and relaxation.

Texas Tech +7.5 vs Baylor. If any team every had a sense of relief and the ability to play free, it is Tech. Bobby Knight, is, was, and always will be a great coach. But his players were scared shitless. They will improve under Pat Knight! By the way, my guess is he will someday have 500+ wins! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. He may even be back at Indiana by 2020!!!

Elon +21.5 vs Davidson. These guys have nothing to lose, and Davidson has not covered as a favorite in weeks!

Seton Hall -1 vs Notre Dame. The Irish are a good team, but just not on the road.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
113-93-2 ytd

Coaches getting a free pass

Bobby Knight quit on his team with 11 games left in the season. They are right in the middle of the hunt for an NCAA birth. Bill Bellicheat walked off the field with a few seconds left in the Superbowl. Does anybody care or put them down? No. Petrino was killed for leaving the Falcons with three games left, as was Randy Moss when he left the field early in a game against the Redskins. Yet, these two pricks get a pass, but not from Money.

Knight has the most wins of anyone, and Belichick is a genius. Both are asses in my mind. Yes, Knight did it “his way” but his way is wrong, hurtful and moronic. He may know something about the game of basketball, but I would never let my son play for him. And believe me, my son is talented and will be playing basketball professionally. In fact, I always wished that somebody stood up to him and punched him back.

Knight will coach again too. He just wanted out of Texas Tech (who can blame him) and to set his son up with a job.

Belichick may not be a genius anymore, after he lost the last game for perfection. Now he will be known simply as a jerk. This spygate stuff aint going away either and it will be ugly, likely resulting in a suspension. I love it. Enjoy the downward spiral. Both of you losers deserve it. You will be taking your teams with you.

BAYLOR -7.5 vs. Texas Tech
Coach quits on Monday, son comes in and runs the show. Big time failure. Players are still shocked, most notably their senior leader Martin Zeno.

DUKE +4 @ North Carolina
I can’t believe I am doing this, but Duke is a better team. If Lawson does not play, he is questionable now and a game time decision, they have no chance. Quentin Thomas will start in his place and the last time he took over for Lawson, NC loss to Santa Clara.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

Quick Post from B. Anthony! Great win by the Gaels last night. If you haven't read about Saturday's Bronco game, it is safe to say Gonzaga should have lost 2 this week if Brody Angly had his head screwed on straight.

Todays Winners,

Dog Day!!!!

Drake +3 vs Illinois St. The Drake, enough said.

Florida +9.5 vs Tennessee. Bounce back game for the Gators! Young, nothing to lose!


Pudue -11 vs Penn State. Hangover game for Nittany Lions after big win!

Southern Illinois -10.5 vs Indiana St. Sycamore, still suck!!! They might not score 40 points tonight. 62-39, final!

Good Luck,
ytd 110-92-2
B. Anthony

Monday, February 04, 2008

Money Monday

There is actually a pretty good lineup of games today, culminating in the big WCC showdown.

MARQUETTE -2 vs. Louisville
I had written off Marquette but they showed me something battling and beating the Bearcats in Cincinnati. Marquette won’t forget the blowout victory Louisville hung on them a month ago. They will win this game at home and start pulling themselves together.

ST. JOSEPH’S -4 vs. Villanova
Memphis, The Drake, Kent state. These are all teams that you almost always just bet on. Villanova on the other hand is a team to always bet against. They are inconsistent on offense and a disaster on defense. St. Joe’s will look to kick this in-state rival in the teeth while they are down.

KANSAS -18.5 vs. Missouri
Let down game for the Tigers after the emotional win over KSU the other night. They probably still won’t be at full strength due to some suspensions. KU rolls.

ST. MARY’S -2.5 vs. Gonzaga
Huge game for SMC. They are coming together at the right time. Gonzaga may be a bit tired after playing 2OT game vs. Santa Clara. The home crowd, Patti Mills, and the tiny gym will prove to be too much.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

$uperbowl thoughts

On the eve of the most-over hyped event on this planet, we are all left scratching our heads and wondering what team or prop bet to play. Well, wonder no more. Money has some advice. Come up with a game plan and then bet accordingly. This sounds like a cop-out but it is not and I will show you the way down the Money brick road. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. Just read my preseason picks and you will understand how knowledgeable I am.

The world according to Money shows two outcomes to this game; a blowout by the Patriots or a win by the Giants.

Scenario #1 - A blowout by the Patriots

This team is 18-0. No team in the history of the NFL has done this. Tom Brady won the MVP award and is being discussed as possibly the best quarterback, ever, right next to Joe Montana. He wins this one, and he is right there. Others Superbowls will follow too. He has a speedy Randy Moss who has bought into the system and broke Jerry Rice’s single season TD record. He has a very reliable, plucky WR is Wes Welker who will make the 4 yard first down catch 95% of the time. Maroney, who started out slowly, has done his best running at the end of the season. Brady also can also rely on Kevin Faulk to bail him out in a tough 3rd and long situation. The defense is old, hungry and smart. Plus, they have one of the best, and annoying coach game planning for two weeks.

SIDENOTE: Did you see that herpetic sore on Billechek’s lip? Every interview I saw, he had a whole bunch of goop on his lip. Who has he been kissing? Kraft’s ass?

So if you believe in this theory, you are glad that Brady wore a boot on his fully healed ankle so the line dropped from 14 to 12 giving us tremendous value.

The first player to score will be Randy Moss +450 as Brady will take advantage of his speed and the weak DBs of the Giants. Moss has two catches in the post-season and that will change this weekend. Just in case, the first TD does not go to Moss, I throw a couple of bucks on his security blanket Welker +750 and the long shot, Vrabel +2550.

I also will take the over in Maroney’s rushing attempt (19.5); the over on Maroney’s rushing yards (81.5), the over on Moss’ receptions (5.5) and the over on Welker’s receiving yards (75.5).


Are you a believer in this scenario? My mind is telling me yes. Don’t over think this bet. But my gut is saying something else, and of course, I am Money.

I believe in Scenario #2 – Giants win the Superbowl

It is hard to believe that I am endorsing Eli Manning. He looks like some whiney kid that needs to be slapped. However, he is not making any mistakes. There is a chance that he could barf his Oreo cookies all over his shoes and fail miserably under the pressure. But, since he is a Manning and has lived his whole life with a football in his hands, so I feel like I can trust him.

This is how I see this game shaking out. First off, I believe Brady is hurt. He played horribly against the chargers throwing three picks. He suffered a high ankle sprain and threw off his back foot missing wide open receivers. The Giants have the defensive lineman to go after him. Did you see what they did to a mobile quarterback in Tony Romo? They will rush 4 guys, keep everyone else back and still be in Brady’s dimple face all day long. This will be the key to the game. Plus, the Patriots have been vulnerable recently going 1-7 against the spread in their last 8 games. Did you know that?

For the most part, Burress will be held in check. He will still go over (4.5) receptions, but he won’t dominate the game. Who will? The veteran Amani Toomer and the speedy youngster, Ahmad Bradshaw. Take the over in receptions (4.5) for Toomer and the over in receiving yards (51.5), as well as the over in rushing attempts by Ahmad Bradshaw (10.5) and the over in rushing yards (40.5).

Amani Toomer (+1300) will score the first touchdown, but I will put a few bucks as a backup on K Boss (1850), the underrated TE filling in for Shockey.

Take the Giants +12, take the Moneyline (+375) and the MVP will be (pick one) Strahan or Umenyiora at 30/1.

Before writing this, I really did not care who wins this game. Now I do.
Go Giants, and enjoy the game.