Thursday, February 07, 2008

Memphis Blues

I hate to rain on the Memphis parade, but I will. We all know this is B. Anthony’s team and there is room on the bandwagon. It is not as if my preseason pick, Louisville, is any better off, but I am just not a believer in this team, and the reason is Free Throws. Memphis is ranked 323 out of 328 Division I schools in Free Throw %. That is pathetic. You will not win a championship with numbers like that from the free throw line. You can bet on that.

Memphis is not covering due to a made three point shot at the end of the game. They don’t cover because they shoot 55% (vs. SMU) from the free throw line. Fix that and you got a chance. Otherwise, enjoy the undefeated season and take a seat next to the Patriots.

I think I figured out why I hate Duke so much. Is there anything more annoying than a duke point guard clapping his hands on the floor trying to fire up team, while emphasizing strong defense? I saw Paulus do this the other day and thought of Wojo, Collins and the long lineage of duke point guards and I felt nauseous. They did cover last night, so that made Money feel temporarily better.

Good picks last night B. Anthony and I concur with your picks below, although I would stay away from the Rhode Island game personally.

PITTSBURGH -3 vs. West Va
This will be an ugly game, but Pitt is starting to grow on me.

ILLINOIS +1.5 vs. Indiana
I wish this line was higher, and it should be, but Illinois will win this game. Indiana has two players, and one of them is playing hurt (Gordon) and won’t have a good game in Illinois. The fans will be worse to him than the Oregon fans were to Love.

OREGON +9.5 @ Stanford
I am still not a believer of Stanford, not until they get consistent scoring from Hill and Goods, and Johnson is on the bench. Oregon keeps this close and punches Stanford in the mouth.



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