Sunday, February 03, 2008

$uperbowl thoughts

On the eve of the most-over hyped event on this planet, we are all left scratching our heads and wondering what team or prop bet to play. Well, wonder no more. Money has some advice. Come up with a game plan and then bet accordingly. This sounds like a cop-out but it is not and I will show you the way down the Money brick road. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. Just read my preseason picks and you will understand how knowledgeable I am.

The world according to Money shows two outcomes to this game; a blowout by the Patriots or a win by the Giants.

Scenario #1 - A blowout by the Patriots

This team is 18-0. No team in the history of the NFL has done this. Tom Brady won the MVP award and is being discussed as possibly the best quarterback, ever, right next to Joe Montana. He wins this one, and he is right there. Others Superbowls will follow too. He has a speedy Randy Moss who has bought into the system and broke Jerry Rice’s single season TD record. He has a very reliable, plucky WR is Wes Welker who will make the 4 yard first down catch 95% of the time. Maroney, who started out slowly, has done his best running at the end of the season. Brady also can also rely on Kevin Faulk to bail him out in a tough 3rd and long situation. The defense is old, hungry and smart. Plus, they have one of the best, and annoying coach game planning for two weeks.

SIDENOTE: Did you see that herpetic sore on Billechek’s lip? Every interview I saw, he had a whole bunch of goop on his lip. Who has he been kissing? Kraft’s ass?

So if you believe in this theory, you are glad that Brady wore a boot on his fully healed ankle so the line dropped from 14 to 12 giving us tremendous value.

The first player to score will be Randy Moss +450 as Brady will take advantage of his speed and the weak DBs of the Giants. Moss has two catches in the post-season and that will change this weekend. Just in case, the first TD does not go to Moss, I throw a couple of bucks on his security blanket Welker +750 and the long shot, Vrabel +2550.

I also will take the over in Maroney’s rushing attempt (19.5); the over on Maroney’s rushing yards (81.5), the over on Moss’ receptions (5.5) and the over on Welker’s receiving yards (75.5).


Are you a believer in this scenario? My mind is telling me yes. Don’t over think this bet. But my gut is saying something else, and of course, I am Money.

I believe in Scenario #2 – Giants win the Superbowl

It is hard to believe that I am endorsing Eli Manning. He looks like some whiney kid that needs to be slapped. However, he is not making any mistakes. There is a chance that he could barf his Oreo cookies all over his shoes and fail miserably under the pressure. But, since he is a Manning and has lived his whole life with a football in his hands, so I feel like I can trust him.

This is how I see this game shaking out. First off, I believe Brady is hurt. He played horribly against the chargers throwing three picks. He suffered a high ankle sprain and threw off his back foot missing wide open receivers. The Giants have the defensive lineman to go after him. Did you see what they did to a mobile quarterback in Tony Romo? They will rush 4 guys, keep everyone else back and still be in Brady’s dimple face all day long. This will be the key to the game. Plus, the Patriots have been vulnerable recently going 1-7 against the spread in their last 8 games. Did you know that?

For the most part, Burress will be held in check. He will still go over (4.5) receptions, but he won’t dominate the game. Who will? The veteran Amani Toomer and the speedy youngster, Ahmad Bradshaw. Take the over in receptions (4.5) for Toomer and the over in receiving yards (51.5), as well as the over in rushing attempts by Ahmad Bradshaw (10.5) and the over in rushing yards (40.5).

Amani Toomer (+1300) will score the first touchdown, but I will put a few bucks as a backup on K Boss (1850), the underrated TE filling in for Shockey.

Take the Giants +12, take the Moneyline (+375) and the MVP will be (pick one) Strahan or Umenyiora at 30/1.

Before writing this, I really did not care who wins this game. Now I do.
Go Giants, and enjoy the game.



Blogger 50 Cent said...

best part about Giants winning -- Tiki Barber. Nice to see the Giants win the year after that annoying, heavy on the teeth bleaching handbag pitchman, backstabber retires.

back to you in the studio Matt and katie.

8:52 AM  
Blogger Money said...

50 Cent
Agree on the Barber comments. Throw in the loud mouth Shockey as well. The Giants did better without both of these guys.
When Billichek wins, he is a quirky genius. When he loses, he will simply just be known as an ass. This spygate stuff is just getting started and he will fall down hard.

10:57 AM  

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