Thursday, January 31, 2008

Quick List of Winners

B. Anthony will continue his roll, but without the flowery language.

Boston College +18.5 vs North Carolina. Too many points for a team with a good Point Guard.

Indiana +4 vs Wisconsin.

Washington St. -10 vs Cal. Too much defense at the Palooz.

Stanford -1.5 vs Washington. They have to get 1 of 2.

USC -3.5 vs Arizona. Highlight heaven. No defense by Arizona. Too many pros

Arizona St. +13.5 vs UCLA. Too many points in a low scoring conference battle.

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
ytd 109-86-1.


Anonymous The Hawk said...

Friday Night Lights! Here are a couple Ivy League plays from The Hawk since apparently Money and B are afraid.
Cornell +3 at Brown
Penn -2 vs. Harvard

3:01 PM  

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