Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Truth's favorite teams

For those that have been reading The Truth on a regular basis, you have surely kept up with Money and B. Anthony's favorite teams. B. Anthony has been all over Memphis and Kansas state and Money has been a fan of Louisville to make a deep run in the tournament.

Besides, these top names we have been pimping some lesser known teams stemming from an 80's party where B, Money and the Hawk were talking hoops. We are huge fans of The Drake (a writer from SI has since picked up this nickname as well - Seinfeld gave The Drake a big screen TV for a wedding gift, but the wedding was later called off. "Love the Drake" and "Hate the Drake" are all great Seinfeld lines). We love Kent state who continues to win and play well, even with their best player, Chris Singletary out with a suspension. Incidentally, Singletary is back now and was allowed to play in the second half, scoring all 12 of his points. And our other team? South Alabama.

South Alabama is ranked 28 in RPI, with wins over Mississippi state at home, while losing to Vanderbilt and Ole Miss by a combined 6 points. They are rolling through the Sun Belt conference tonite and I expect this trend to continue tonite.

Take these guys straight and parlay them with everyone of B. Anthony's picks.

SOUTH ALABAMA -2.5 vs. North Texas



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