Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Coaches getting a free pass

Bobby Knight quit on his team with 11 games left in the season. They are right in the middle of the hunt for an NCAA birth. Bill Bellicheat walked off the field with a few seconds left in the Superbowl. Does anybody care or put them down? No. Petrino was killed for leaving the Falcons with three games left, as was Randy Moss when he left the field early in a game against the Redskins. Yet, these two pricks get a pass, but not from Money.

Knight has the most wins of anyone, and Belichick is a genius. Both are asses in my mind. Yes, Knight did it “his way” but his way is wrong, hurtful and moronic. He may know something about the game of basketball, but I would never let my son play for him. And believe me, my son is talented and will be playing basketball professionally. In fact, I always wished that somebody stood up to him and punched him back.

Knight will coach again too. He just wanted out of Texas Tech (who can blame him) and to set his son up with a job.

Belichick may not be a genius anymore, after he lost the last game for perfection. Now he will be known simply as a jerk. This spygate stuff aint going away either and it will be ugly, likely resulting in a suspension. I love it. Enjoy the downward spiral. Both of you losers deserve it. You will be taking your teams with you.

BAYLOR -7.5 vs. Texas Tech
Coach quits on Monday, son comes in and runs the show. Big time failure. Players are still shocked, most notably their senior leader Martin Zeno.

DUKE +4 @ North Carolina
I can’t believe I am doing this, but Duke is a better team. If Lawson does not play, he is questionable now and a game time decision, they have no chance. Quentin Thomas will start in his place and the last time he took over for Lawson, NC loss to Santa Clara.


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