Friday, December 19, 2008

Big Saturday- Official Opener for Many

Many basketball fans, Money, for example, have a hard time following college hoops until football is over.

Well, it's bowl season, so there is a week or so to wait until they begin. College basketball executives and CBS know this. There is a huge schedule this weekend.

Overall record on the site is still hovering at 60% but I am not hitting as many parlays as I would like. Straight bets have been and will always be the way to go!

Here are some games I am looking at.

UNC -25 vs Valpo. They will be pissed they only won by 18 against Evansville. I have been on them a few times and against them a few times, but undefeated ATS so far this season when I touch one of their games.

Xavier +8 vs Duke. I would really like this game, but I have spent years being on the wrong side of Duke, so I might stay away. Always a fun bet to go against Duke, because it is fun to cheer against them and doubly fun to make money!

UNLV -2.5 vs Arizona. Wildcats will have a drop off after the win over Gonzaga. Plus I talked to staffer at Gonzaga and he said they played awful and were cocky leading up to that game. U of A is not that good.

VCU +13 vs Oklahoma. I love Sooners and Blake Griffin. But their shooting is suspect and I believe Anthony Grant is smart enough to pack it in and stay in the game. Should be emotional for Capel as well.

Georgia Tech -13 vs Pepperdine. Waves are terrible, Tech punishes teams like this.

Southern Illinois +5.5 vs St. Mary’s. I like the Gaels, but home dog, hard to go against.

Illinois Chicago +5.5 vs Illinois St.- Rivalry game. Ill-Chicago has been playing well and winning for me.

Va Tech -15 vs Columbia. Athletes like those at Va Tech get excited to stomp Ivy league!

Davidson +5.5 vs Purdue. Too many points for a team that will play smart and hit 3’s down the stretch if they are behind. I think Purdue may be overrated.

Top 3 are

UNLV, Georgia Tech, UNC,

Davidson and VCU close behind.

B. Anthony has been gaming his own money, and was able to get ahead and get my original deposit back. However, greed took over as it always does, so I am back to square one. A few week Hiatus is now in store. However, I will keep posting plays, and this is when I generally take off.

Enjoy the picks and I will try to give you more on Monday.

B. Anthony

31-20 ytd

Thursday, December 18, 2008

More College Craziness

I don't really care that Eric Gordon was square and a bunch of stoners on his team made him lose. He is a pro now and they are all gone.

I do, however, care that Ole Miss's coach got hammered and punched a cab driver this morning at 1am and his team is on National TV tonight. I am taking Louisville. This will be a distraction for his team. No matter what anyone says!!!

3-3 last night, and really should have just stayed away from profile games.


Louisville -15.5
Evansville +30. I love UNC, but with all the Hansborough hype, they will get bored at some point and around 25 it should level off. Evansville will play the entire game to not lose by 40, running clock, etc... This game should not be on TV. Plus, the majority of gamers will be on NC, so I am going opposite.

Niagara -4. They are 8-1 ATS, best in Nation. Staying on them!
Kent St -20 vs UNC Greensboro. UNC Green has been getting buried by 30 plus and getting used to it. Kent State needs to get healthy!

Good Luck-

B. anthony

29-18 ytd

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Picks only

UAB -11.5

Akron +8.5

Memphis -21.5

East Carolina +9.5

Michigan St - 29

Georgia Tech -12.5

b anthony is on all of these in one form or another. Time for a big night

good luck

25-16 ytd posted

I have played several others not posted, can 't always get them to you. But those usually are impulse plays and are probably 50-50 right now, so not quite as good as posted plays.