Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hoops Galore

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!!! This is the real kick off of hoops season, and we are noticing some great trends!

A great Wednesday night has us back on track. Let me mention a few teams that have been proving to be solid early season plays!

Air Force- Their commitment to executing their offense has led them to many early season covers with their 5-0 start. I should have stayed on them after they were an early season lock. I will be back on them today.

Indiana- Eric Gordon has the same refuse to lose attitude that UMASS had 10 years ago. Indiana will win a lot of games!

Washington State has continued to dominate. Their line tonight is 31.5, and they will cover that as well.

Michael Beasley is awesome, but his supporting cast is letting me down. Keep a close eye on this team either making some changes or having a rough spot in league!

Today's Winners:

Air Force +1 vs Montana- This should be a close game on paper, but no one plays early season ball like the Eagles. Easy Cover 66-56.

Indiana -2 vs Xavier- In the past I would say that Xavier had a lot to prove and would pull this off, but the Hoosiers are playing great defense and Gordon makes the defense with his offensive efficiency. He is shooting over 60% from the field!

Washington St -31.5 vs Mississippi Valley State- Books cant make this line high enough. They are trying to scare us with more than 30 point line, but when it is 44-12 at halftime, you will know why this line was so high!

Three more to keep you moving forward!

Texas +5.5 vs Tennessee. Talent laden floor tonight in Tennessee. I expect a close one at the end, DJ Augustine will make some big buckets to cover this line!

BYU + 7 vs North Carolina- The win of Louisville with bolster their confidence. UNC doesn't do enough to cover this number and may be knocked off outright. What do you think the Kids from BYU did last night in Vegas? In contrast, you think Roy Williams had a curfew for his guys!? First Half BYU is a lock!

VCU -13.5 vs Elon College- VCU won't let me down again. Lay the points!

Good Luck,

B. Anthony

ytd 20-16

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Catastrophe?

Did you hear what Nick Saban said the other day? What an A-hole.

"Changes in history usually occur after some kind of catastrophic event," Saban said. "It may be 9/11, which sort of changed the spirit of America relative to catastrophic events. Pearl Harbor kind of got us ready for World War II, and that was a catastrophic event."

The only real catastrophe at Alabama is that they are stuck with this loser as the face of their football program. I can not stand this guy and continue to root against him whenever possible, which as luck would have it, can happen this weekend.

By the way, losing to Louisiana-Monroe is not a catastrophe. Everyone outside of Alabama doesn’t even care you still are playing football. You are out of the BCS picture and will be lucky to make a bowl game this year. You want to talk catastrophe? How about wanting to place your “get all your money back in one game” on the New England Patriots vs. the Bills on Sunday night, but your bookie telling you that you have already exceeded your limit for the week.

College picks:

USC -3.5 @ Arizona state (Thursday)
ASU won’t be able to run on the Trojans

TEXAS A&M +6 vs. Texas (Friday)
A&M pulled off the upset last year and will do it again this year in the hopes of sending Dennis Franchione out a winner

BOISE STATE+3.5 @ Hawaii (Friday)
7 straight losses to the Broncos. Make it 8.

AUBURN -6 vs. Alabama
Auburn has had a week to prepare for this game. They are a better team, have a better QB and yes, even a better coach.

Lots of breaks thus far, for the Huskies. They have not seen a team like this, nor can they prepare for them. Blowout special.

OKLAHOMA STATE +12 vs. Oklahoma
I love the underdogs in the rivalry games, especially the ones with injured RBs and quarterbacks.

UCLA +2 @ Oregon
Oregon is done. Their title hopes have been dashed. When Dixon went down, their season ended. You don't really believe that Ryan Leaf's brother will be able to carry this team to the Rose Bowl, do you?

Pro picks:

LIONS +3.5 vs. Packers
Turkey day special. Lions win.

TEXANS +3.5 vs. Browns
Both teams can score. The Browns will have more trouble defending.

SEAHAWKS -3 @ Rams
Time to “sell” on the Rams after their 2 game win streak. They can’t stop the pass and will struggle mightily in this game.

RAVENS +9.5 @ Chargers
I really do like the Chargers, but they are living off last year’s reputation. They should not be giving up 9.5 points to anyone!

More Hoops

Happy Thanksgiving-

B. Anthony highly recommends the cranberry sauce, if it is freshly made, and the sweet potatoes!

Another 2-2 night was not the goal, but hopefully no one got hurt too badly. Memphis will be missing their vacation day, because they didn't cover.

Hoops tonight-

Butler -6 vs Michigan. This is a solid experienced team who always plays well early in the season. Michigan has not been able to answer the bell when they step up in competition. I see the same thing tonight. Butler 82-67.

Louisville -3.5 vs UNLV. This Cardinal team is injured, but they are still very deep. Pitino will have them ready for their first step up in competition. Caracter will likely have 20 and 10, and if you get Versus TV, enjoy! (Updated line. It opened at +3.5 and moved all the way around)

New Mexico -12.5 vs Hawaii. This is a blow out waiting to happen. Long travel and bad time of year for Hawaii against a talented New Mexico Squad.

TV games on ESPN.
There are a few things that all gamblers fall victim to. One is dangling prepositions, but the other is betting TV games. It just makes it so much more fun. So for the holiday season, we will make the stretch to pick some of these games.

Marquette+5 vs Duke. This is just too many points for a very competitive sweet Sixteen Match-up. These are two teams B. Anthony picked as top seeds in the East and this game won't disappoint. Take the points, and enjoy routing against Duke!

Syracuse -1.5 vs Ohio State- Another fun game, but I am going to say that this is more of a home game for Syracuse. They will prevail. Flynn is the next point guard of the year, and he will make the difference!
All good gamblers know that these games are tough, so don't blow your wad on the TV games!

Money has been on fire with Football picks, so I will leave those on the board for him!

Good Gaming and Eat Well

B. Anthony

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Follow the MONEY brick Road

B. Anthony is fighting through a semi- slump, but luckily he has hitched his trailer to Money!

Some of my favorite teams are out there again tonight, and we will jump back on the horse!

St. Mary's +4.5 vs Oregon. Trap game for the Ducks at a sold out McKeon Pavillion. About 4500 people, but loud. This will put Randy Bennett and the Gaels on the map and they are ready for it. Take the Home Dog.

Drexel +10 vs Virginia. This is a good team from the rising Colonial league. Virginia is a one-trick pony with Singletary, and they will not be able to separate from an experienced Drexel team!

Memphis -26.5 vs Arkansas State- This is just a team that knows how to blow people out. If you can find a first half play, they will surely be up by 20 by the break! Lay the big number!

Yale +18 vs Stanford. Yale is not Harvard. I hate Stanford because of the Lopez twins, so this is probably an emotional play, but I am going to count it on my record, so play away!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony

YTD- 14-13

Monday, November 19, 2007


No, I am not in danger or being held hostage. The bookies are giving it away in tonite’s Monday night football game. The Broncos -2 take on the Titans. Invesco field does not hold the same home field value as Mile High stadium; in fact the Broncos have done really poorly at home this year vs. the spread (1-4 ATS at home). As poorly as Denver has played, a win tonite and the Broncos will be in first place of the AFC West.

But, I love Jay Cutler (and Tony Romo too). He is a young, gun-slinging, Brett Favre. He is getting more comfortable with Brandon Marshall and Stokely and Selvin Young will pick up the slack at running back left by his “dopey” friend Travis Henry.

Most importantly watch the health of Albert Haynesworth, the best run stopper on Tennessee’s defense. He was out with a hamstring injury last week and is a game time decision today. Without Haynesworth, the Titans gave up a season high 166 yards on the ground last week in a lopsided loss to the Jaguars. He probably plays, but won’t be effective.

Easy bet:
BRONCOS -2 vs. Titans

CRAPhonso update:

What is this? Well, with all the injuries at WR to the Indianapolis colts, they have had to go to the well for some players. One playing they are now turning to is Craphonso Thorpe. What a name! I feel compelled to give his statistics each week. If Money has another baby, boy or girl, Craphonso will be the name.

Thorpe had one reception for six yards in Thursday's win over Kansas City. He also returned three kickoffs for an average of 19 yards.

Thorpe could start at wide receiver on Thanksgiving against Atlanta with Aaron Moorehead leaving Sunday's game with back spasms. He lost the punt-return job with the return of T.J. Rushing, but it looks like he'll continue to return kickoffs.

Solid Success

B. Anthony only has a few minutes for you this morning, but that is enough time to make some good picks. First, let's congratulate Money for some very accurate prognosticating the last few days.

If you saw the first 10 minutes of Memphis vs Connecticut, you now know why I am raving about this team. They will have some explosions with that pressure, that will make teams look silly.

Tonight's play fall into more of my rules that are yet undefined.

Utah -10 vs Santa Clara. Santa Clara is just not very good, some of my subscribers were able to play against them on Saturday vs Nevada, but I wasn't able to post this. Utah has been playing well, and SCU has 2 victories against Division II opponents. Lay the points. This is the end of a 3 game road trip for the Broncos.

Winthrop +2 vs Baylor. Both teams are playing well, but I am banking on the experience and the confidence that Winthrop has. Baylor is satisfied with the last 2 wins, and was not expecting to win 3 games this week.

Good Luck,

B. Anthony

14-11 ytd