Saturday, December 08, 2007

No football - Money is bored

Money is researching all the bowl games and will release his picks when the season starts, but as B. Anthony said, there is a lot of hoops today.

I agree with B's calls on Marquette +3, Duke -22 and the Zags -18.5. I am cautious about the Kentucky as they are down quite a few players, so I stay away from that line. And I am impressed with the schedule of Davidson thus far. They have played North Carolina and Duke and now UCLA. This team will be great in March.

Money likes;

Rhode Island +6 @ Syracuse
Miami Fl -13 @ Florida International

I am curious to see how St. Mary's does as a 3 point favorite at the wooden classic vs. San Diego state. First time they have left Moraga this year.

Saturday, Gala of Games!

B. Anthony wants to keep you as informed as possible and today is a great hoops day with many possibilities. We will provide you with many winners!

Bounce Back Games:
all 2* picks

UCLA -13 vs Davidson. Bruins hungry at home after a loss, too much defense!

New Mexico -11 vs San Diego. Home cooking for Lobos, too many athletes for WCC team

Gonzaga -18 vs CS Northridge. Following a home loss to WSU, the Zags look to get their confidence back against a weaker opponent. Bouldin will not go 0-9 tonight

Rivalray Games 1* picks.

Kentucky +8.5 vs Indiana. Gordon is slightly ailing, Wildcats will play up to the level

Wright St. + 8 vs Butler. Wright St. has had Butlers number for 3 games in a row, I think they may lose game four, but it will be close.

Marquette +3 vs Wisconsin. Badgers are good at home, but this is a much more talented and experienced Marquette team. They will win at Wisconsin which says a lot!

Blow out Specials: 2*

Duke -22 vs Michigan. If you lose at Harvard, what do you do for an encore at Duke?

Kansas -22.5 vs Depaul. I don't know why this line isn't 30. Ray Meyer, Joey Meyer, and Terry Cummings haven't been at Depaul for Decades. Blow-out!!!!!!!

One more for a team you haven't heard about!

Kent State -3.5 vs George Mason. They will win handily against a good George Mason team. But Kent State is a tournament team and will continue to cover all year. Watch them closely!

If you can find a line on Drake vs Texas Pan-Am. That is a blowout as well. Anything less than 15 is a gift!

Good Luck

B. Anthony

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Just Win!

Let's see if we can keep picking winners. We will attempt to stay with our 3*, 2*, 1* theory from yesterday.

Butler -11 vs Detroit. Very good team is the class of this league, they won't take a rest in the league opener. 2*

LSU +8.5 vs Villanova. Too many athletes. The offensive boards will keep them in the game. Take the points. 2*

Illinois-Chicago-5.5 vs Wisconsin Milwaukee. Home game in league for one of the league favorites. They will win, and I expect it to me 8-10 point game. 1*

good Gaming

B. Anthony

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Frenzy, Plethora of games!

Let's just dedicate today to making a lot of picks and following some teams that have been consistently covering!

We will try a new theory of picking today!

3* pick- Best of Day

2* pick- We like it, we will recommend it, solid reason to play this game

1* pick- Basically, we just want to have a reason to be on this game. The team has given us reason to play them because they seem to be covering more than half the time!

Drake -8.5 vs Iowa State. Very good Drake team, proven and will drill this Big 12 dud!. 3*

VCU- 13 vs William and Mary. Mit Winter is no longer able to go coast to coast with 3 dribbles and VCU's confidence is soaring after the win over Maryland! 2*

West Virginia -4.5 vs. Auburn. Huggins is doing something right, defense and anger is successful, he has it! 2*

Ball State +18.5 vs Purdue. Another game where the plucky underdog will stay in it! 2*

Washington State +3 vs Gonzaga. Great game, take the points. 1*

Duquense +5.5 vs Pittsburgh. Surprising pick, but this team is at home and they can play. Pitt is due for a lapse! 1*

Texas -18 vs North Texas. Too many athletes, and great point guard play. Play the team on a roll, even though common knowledge says they are due for a let down!1*

Northern Iowa -10.5 vs Iowa. Look at this line!!! They are begging you to take Iowa, don't do it! 1*

Good Gaming

B. Anthony
38-36-2 ytd (Improvement is needed and acknowledged!)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


If you are a true NCAA hoops lover, you will cry when they replay Jimmy Valvano's speech again this year during the Jimmy V Classic. For that matter, we all ought to take a little time each day to laugh, cry, and think deeply! Jimmy V forever.

As far as the hoops there will be some outstanding talent on the floor!!!

Memphis -7.5 vs USC. Mayo and Jefferson can keep up the Memphis for a while, but they don't have enough fear! The waves will keep coming, and the highlights will be great. Jefferson may be a higher draft pick the Mayo by the end of the year, but Memphis is much deeper. They will eventually pull away for good and make this a double digit win!

Kansas St. +6 vs Notre Dame. This is just too many points for Beasley on a big stage. He will get 30 and it will be a 3-5 point game down the stretch. Take the points!

Boston College -8.5 vs St. Louis. I don't care what Majerus does as a coach, this is a blow out. St. Louis sucks, no good players, period........

New Mexico + 1 vs New Mexico State . Huge rivalry game, but New Mexico has much more talent, they will overcome the come court advantage!

Good Gaming,

B. Anthony
37-33-2 YTD

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Great Sunday!

Money won't toot his own horn, but I think he gave some pretty good football ideas yesterday!

We have some huge early season match-ups today in college hoops. So lets pick some winners.

Texas +10.5 vs UCLA. Great game, time for an upset. Texas is loaded with talent and a great point guard. Collison is not up to speed yet. Enjoy, take the points in a barn-burner.

Kansas-3vs USC. Trojans have been playing great, but this is Allen Fieldhouse, they are not quite ready yet. I do love the Pac-10 this year, so it is odd I am picking against both these teams!
By the way, these are all TV games, and not highly recommended if you are trying to make a comeback from yesterday. (Small play and enjoy the game)

Arizona -2 vs Texas A&M. Watch for some big dunks by DeAndre Jordan, but Arizona is playing much better defense and will win at home!

Good Gaming!

B. Anthony
34-33-2 (oops, must be time for a run)

The day after

Tough to watch the NFL after seeing all these great college games. It is such a letdown. I am usually a big NFL guy, but this year has been really boring. I used to revolve my day around these games. Now I find myself going for walks with my wife and reading books at the library. And when there are good games like the Dallas/Green Bay game, they put it on the NFL network instead. Nice!

I like three games today; the Lions +4, Chiefs +6, Az -1

LIONS +4 @ Vikings
Always take the points (when they are over 3) in NFC central games. The Vikings can’t stop the pass which is exactly what Kitna and company will do. I love it that the Vikings are coming off a great win in NY too. The NFL changes dramatically from one week to the next.

CHIEFS +6 vs. San Diego
I said it last week and was wrong, and I will say it again. The Chargers are not very good and should not be getting so many points on the road. Rivers is horrible and Norv Turner has not realized the LT needs to touch the ball more than 20 times. As most of you know, I am not an Alex Smith fan. Here is one guy (Rivers) I would not want and consider lucky having Smith as my QB. The only reason I am saying this is because Smith hurt and not playing.

ARIZONA -1 vs. Browns
Another buy low, sell high example here. The cardinals coming off a loss to the lowly Niners should rebound here against America’s darling, the Browns. I do like this Cleveland team though. How good is Derek Anderson?

I have a buffalo kind of feeing here with the Sean Taylor death. The funeral is not until tomorrow, so the Redskins are likely still grieving and not ready to play football yet. Buffalo has been a great team to bet on this year.

Buffalo +6 is a good one, but it is tough to call.