Thursday, June 24, 2010

Draft Day thoughts and other things on my mind

Today is the NBA draft. I love this day, however it is bittersweet for me though. I love the draft because I follow college hoops and have my opinions of who is good and who I like. I don't like or care about the Euros though. There should be a separate "Developmental Flop league" draft for these guys.

I am not looking forward to it, for the same reasons each year... The Warriors management is so bad and always do something stupid. I must admit I was wrong on both Randolph and Curry, although they are desperately trying to trade Randolph now, but for the most part, they lay an egg. And if they don't lay an egg, they overpay for the guy they drafted and then try to trade them, so what is the point.

So, that is where I am at today. The Warriors have the number 6 pick and will likely blow it. Rumor is they will take 23 year old Udoh from Baylor. I would rather they pick Ike Diogu again. Udoh will be a horrible pick for the Warriors. He is 23 years old and his skills are declining, not rising. He was not a difference maker at Baylor, but surely he will be in the NBA????? Apparently, he is a defensive specialist. That is awesome for a team that does not play defense or at least under the current lame duck coach now. Whatever. You can see my discontent.

To make matters worse, they gave away their second round pick. I love the second round picks! I will be watching to see what they could have had at 34 this year. This will be a great player. I love Booker from Clemson or Jordan Crawford from Xavier. One of both of them will be there at 34. How about Hobson of New Mexico or Manny Harris of Michigan? I would take either of them as well. You'll see; all of these guys will be good.

I am not going to do a "mock draft" because I don't speak with GMs. I will tell you who I like and who will fail.

Before I do that, I have to say, I love DeMarcus Cousins. I have loved him from the start of the season and hoped the Warriors would get him with the "2nd pick in the draft" with two weeks left in the season. That is when things fell apart for me as a fan. The Warriors, and Devean George and useless Warriors started playing well and beating good teams like Oklahoma State, killing their draft position. This was after Lame Duck Coach Nellie already had the most victories by a coach! Why were they still playing for this fool? Weren't the players or management smart enough to know that this late season run will do nothing for them as team, but kill their future in the draft? They are all idiots and need a new owner, then GM and then coach. Please hurry, because I like the players they have and think they can be good in the right scenario.

The Kings could make it easy on the Warriors by drafting Monroe and handing Cousins to them, but I doubt that will happen. Maybe it will. Maybe things are starting to change for the Warriors? I am not holding my breathe.

On the players:
Cousins - He will be great, especially in the right situation/team. He is the most talented player in the draft. I love him.

Wall/Turner - I like both of these guys too. Wall is Rondo, but a better shooter. Turner was the best college basketball player and the most ready for the NBA. The only guy in college that could take and make a "Kobe" shot (hand in the face - fade way - game winner) at the end of the game.

Monroe - I like this guy too. He is only 20 and will get better. Great passer and locker room guy. He won't be a star, but he will play. If Cousins is off the board, grab Monroe!

Xavier Henry - B. Anthony does not like this guy and does not think his game will translate in the NBA. We disagree here.

Paul George - Sleeper in draft. I would not be disappointed if the Warriors traded down in the draft to pick up this guy or Henry.

James Anderson - Best shooter in the college.

Jordan Crawford - 2nd best shooter in college.

Summer league invite: Jerome Randle. He will make an NBA roster. He is short but can play.

Players to stay away from - No Thanks!

Derek Favors - Number 3 in the draft? No way. He "carried" Georgia Tech. Yeah right.

Wesley Johnson - Major bust.

Gordon Heyward - Major mistake. Should have stayed at Butler and tried to win a national championship. He will get paid and may end up in Indiana but he will be worthless.

Cole Aldrich - Big, Dumb, White Center with a tooth missing

Willie Warren - Run away

Ed Davis - All Hype

NBA Finals -
I must admit I was entertained and watched most of these games. I really wanted Kobe to lose. He sure played poorly in the last game, but nobody will remember that, just that he won his fifth championship and that his crazy looking wife and two "JenBenet Ramsey" daughters were with him everywhere. What a cooky looking family. Cut that puffy black hair Kobe wife! And no need to wear Laker cheerleading outfits for the daughters for 3 straight days. Kobe is grooming two wonderful pole dancers.

Soccer fever -
I have a fever and the only cure is more vuvuzelas! Thanks to ESPN for cramming this down our throats and to my son getting up at 6am every morning to watch, but I am into it and so is America. Finally Americans watch soccer. I am not saying this is a good thing or that it will last, because it won't. But the US soccer team is definitely taking their 15 minutes of fame. It took the US getting screwed by the ref in the Slovenia game, but people cared and wanted to watch the final game against Algeria. Then Donovan scores in the last minute of extended time after England won their game, which would have eliminated the US and screwed ESPN. We are all winners for the moment. Money's prediction. US gets their ass kicked by Ghana and come out very, very flat. They perform better as an underdog, which they are not now. I am still going to watch.

Giants -
One big bat away from making the playoffs. Pick someone up at the All star Break. How about Paul Konerko or Derek Lee?

Enjoy the draft!