Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday Night Special.

B. Anthony is excited for a full day of hoops and has some clients travelling to Reno, so here are the early locks for all day Saturday.

All times Pacific Standard Time


Georgetown -3.5 vs Syracuse. Rivalry game, but Hoyas no how to win down the stretch!

South Florida +7 vs UConn. I love the Huskies, but they don't shoot well enough from the line to cover this number in a hostile environment.


LSU+4 vs Kentucky. Home dog that plays good defense!

Virginia Tech +18 vs UNC. Take the Points. Tar Heels have not yet gotten back to form.

10:45-11:00 AM

Kansas -25 vs Colorado. Lay the big number and enjoy the 30 point shellacking.

Drake -1 vs Northern Iowa. Drake gets a road win!

Louisville -6.5 vs Providence. Play the roll, Pitino coaches great when his team is hot!

Butler -13 vs Cleavland St. Never going to be a game! Butler shoots too well, and it will be good for them to get some home cooking.

12:00 Noon

Kent St -8 vs Ohio. One of my favorite teams, covers again!

Arizona -2 vs Stanford. Bayless will get 30+ points again. Stanford needs better guard play, they drop 2 on the road this week!


Nortwestern +10 vs Purdue. If you can wait until this gets to 10, take it. Northwestern will keep it close with slow ball!@


Kansas St -8 vs Missouri. Bounce back game for Beasley and Walker!


Cornell -8 vs Dartmouth. If this game stays single digits, take it. No line yet, but it should be around here.

VCU -8 vs Old Dominion. One of my old tricks. Take them at home!

Oregon St. +7.5 vs Washington. No one wants this bet, that is why it is one of my best!

Gonzaga -15 vs USF. Dons Suck!

Houston -17 vs SMU. This is another mismatch.

UAB +12 vs Memphis. Tough Road game for Memphis, they are still thinking about Tennessee. Take the points and watch for a close one, but no upset.


Boise St.-5 vs Fresno St. Boise is solid and will cover again!

Good Gaming,
B. Anthony

Ivy Friday!

Just a quick couple games to warm you up for the weekend. I will have at least 10 games posted for Saturday by 4pm PST today!

Tonights Winners

Cornell -5 vs Harvard. The Crimson faithful, including the Hawk, know this is no contest. Lay the points!

Pittsburgh +5 vs Marquette. I like Marquette, but they continue to not live up to their hype, they won't cover in this made for TV Friday night.

Columbia -2.5 vs Dartmouth. My sources tell me the Ivy league home court advantage is not truly worth the normal 4-5 points because with 425 fans, nobody notices. Take the Road Favorites!

Good Gaming
B. Anthony
YTD 137-105-5

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dont waste your time

College basketball is in full swing, don't let this Congress drama or Money's meanderings disrupt you. I am getting my wife a great night in front of PAC-10 hoops for Valentines day!!! Plus a couple random others.

We all seem to know the PAC 10 and play it weekly, so I will try to find some others. I do agree with the Cal Pick and the WSU pick of Money. So I will post these along with Stanford and Oregon.

Cal+7.5 vs AZ. Too many points. Anderson is making a run at player of the year, he will have 25+ tonight!

WSU -12 vs Oregon St. Ugly game, but Cougars will win handily.

Oregon -7 vs Washington. Huskies will lay an egg after their big win against UCLA. It alwasy happens.

Stanford -3.5 vs ASU. I have to disagree at least once with Money. Size Matters!

Obscure Winners

Rutgers +18 vs West Virginia. Too many points for an inconsistent WVU team. They have little reason to get up for this one.

UMASS -10 vs Fordham. Minutemen need a series of good wins to make a push for the tourney. They will drill the Rams!

Fullerton St -18.5 vs UC Davis. Bob Burton is merciless when he gets a lead. The West Valley CC legend will punish the Aggies for trying to be a DI program.

Boise St -3 vs Nevada. This is a sucker bet for all the Nevada fans. Boise doesn't have a smurf court for basketball, but they have a solid team and will win at home.

Good Gaming
B. Anthony
YTD 133-102-4

Don't Misremember to get your girl a gift

It is Valentine's day today and I plan on giving Penny a four team parlay that will surely come in.

I hope you watched or heard the Clemens hearing yesterday. It was fantastic. He is such a big fat loser. I am bummed because I do have quite a few Clemens rookie cards. He threw his wife under the bus (a divorce and nice payout for Debbie will be coming soon), contacted his nanny, whom he has not spoken to in 7 years to tell her what to say, and as he explained it to congress; "I thought I was doing y'all a favor." And his "best friend" Andy Pettite "misremembered" a conversation where Clemens said he took HGH.

Say goodbye to the Hall of Fame and enjoy your jail cell next to Bonds!

CAL +7.5 @ Arizona
Neither team can defend. Nic Wise is out, so Cal my have the better offensive weapons. This game should be close.

SOUTHERN ALABAMA -5.5 @ Middle Tennessee State
Going back to the well with these guys, who have produced for us much of the year.

WASHINGTON STATE -12 @ Oregon state
The cougars need to turn their season around and will not take this game likely and pound the beavers.

ARIZONA STATE +3.5 vs. Stanford
Stanford always plays these games close in Tempe. Plus, their guards are ailing, healthwise. Stanford turns in a clunker performance tonite.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oversight but I am sticking with it!

Just so all readers are aware, I do realize that Memphis and Tennessee don't actually play until next Saturday. I will stick with my gut and keep these picks.

B. Athony

Tread carefully

Money and B. Anthony never basque in our glory for too long. In fact, if we have a good night, we always consider how we do the following night. Typically we fall flat on our face the next night. Knowing that, I offer these picks following my 3-3 night.

THE DRAKE +3.5 @ So. Illinois
Gotta keep taking The Drake. Southern Illinois has proven to be nothing special this year. Sagarin has this line ranked at Drake -4.5 so there is a major discrepancy.

BAYLOR +1 @ Oklahoma state
OSU is a bad team with no offensive firepower. They are slightly mediocre when playing at home. Baylor will beat them.

KANSAS STATE -2 @ Texas Tech
KSU is playing as good as anybody in the country right now. Few cared about the Red Raiders when Bobby was the coach. Less care now. Hardly a home court advantage.


Miracle Wednesday!

Props to Money for his easy undefeated night. B. Anthony wasn't bad with a couple of winners but we will continue to look to improve. We will focus tonight on another of the famous gambling rules.

#3. The look ahead rule.

Memphis has a huge game Saturday, so let's assume they are human and they will not show up in full force tonight because likely every practice this week is geared towards preparing for Tennessee.

Houston +17 vs Memphis. Can you believe I am picking against my team? They will win, but they are not ready for a 20 point victory.

Arkansas +9 vs Tennessee. Look ahead game for the Vols, just like Memphis. Arkansas will give them a scare!

Maryland +12 vs Maryland. Take the points, traditionally a good game and Terps are peaking for this one!

UConn -5 vs Notre Dame. Both teams are playing well, but I am giving the quickness edge to the Huskies. Free-throws make me nervous, but ND is due for a bad loss!

St. Louis -8.5 vs George Washington. Revenge Game and St. Louis has figured out Majerus' offense.!

The Drake +3.5 vs Southern Illinois. The Drake is just too good a perfomer to leave off!

Kansas St -2.5 vs Texas Tech. Ok. I do have a crush on Michael Beasley. I won't pick against them until he fails me. Plus, Pat Knight may be in over his head! Good Gaming,

B. Anthony

YTD 129-100-3

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday, Not so Super

With few games on the docket for B. Anthony tonight, let me respond to Money.

I agree that UCLA and Kansas appear to be complete teams. The timing of naming them teams that will win it all seems odd since they both lost this week. The Truth is that they are both very good teams, and these losses will likely help them to take the next step to become great teams and possibly win it all. However, the deeper truth is that great teams can, do, and will lose when you least expect it. This will lead us to an outstanding tournament with the possibility of an upset lurking around every corner, no matter what the presumed spread!

How is it that these seemingly complete teams, keep losing? They are not hungry enough, and they have come to realize that they can work on things during the season to improve and become championship ready. UCLA is not yet deep enough to win it all, but if Howland will use his bench and get healthy, they will be by tournament time. Kansas is deep enough, and so is Memphis.

I know Money would tell you that Memphis can't win it all, free-throws etc... ya ya ya. It has been 17-18 years since a team went to the finals undefeated. (UNLV 90-91) Before that it was 15 year to the 1976 Indiana perfect season. If Memphis beats Tennessee on Saturday, we are looking at history with this team. Yes, they are bad from the line, and they often are worse from the 3-point line. But they can score 10 points in the press, faster than Money can lose 10 bucks at the roulette table! I will probably buck my trend and pick against Memphis this week in their warm up game vs Houston before Tennessee comes to town, but they will be ready for their battle on Saturday!

On to the few winners today!

Michigan State +1 vs Purdue. I like the young Purdue team, but this experienced MSU squad will teach the kids a lesson tonight.

Louisville -7.5 vs Depaul. Play the team that is rolling! They have a lot of confidence and may be up 10 by halftime!

Miami Oh +4.5 vs Western Michigan. Take the points in this close battle. Miami has solid post play and fundamentals to keep them in this game.

Good Gaming,
B. Anthony
127-99-3 ytd

Oh, By the way. I don't like the Stanford Twinkies, I don't really like their coach, I hate their point guard and I can't really think of anything nice to say about them except they will keep winning and covering for the most part. I won't pick them as a final four team, but they will likely be in a close battle in the sweet sixteen gaming trying to make it back to the final eight. that is a pretty good season!

Thoughts for Tuesday

Stanford is #7 in the country. Really? I will admit they are playing well, but this is not a team that will make a deep tournament run. Money sets the over/under for this team at the Sweet 16. They won't advance any further. In my opinion there are two teams that can win it all this year; UCLA and Kansas. They have all the necessary ingredients and the fewest flaws. I still like Louisville as a darkhorse team to win it all. They are coming together at the right time. The talent has always been there. But clearly KU and UCLA (once healthy) are in the best position to win it all.

Memphis is great and will tease us, but ultimately fall short with poor free throw shooting. Duke/Tennessee will have a bad shooting night and bow out early to somebody unexpected. North Carolina does not play good enough defense. The Hoyas are lucky and that will run out at some point.

Here are my thoughts on the games tonite

PURDUE -1 vs. Michigan State
Hot young purdue team taking on an uninspiring average MSU team.

KENT STATE -3 @ Central Michigan
Kent can beat these guys on the road by 4.

VANDERBILT -4 vs. Kentucky
The wildcats have played better recently but they are still struggling with injuries and their identity. Vanderbilt has not turned the corner yet, but will win this game tonite.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Monday

Another week begins, less than 35 days from Selection Sunday! Here are a few picks. By the way, I know you guys are trying to win money, don't go out on your own too much. Friday nights post was 6-1-1 and I know some readers who didn't win when I gave you 6 wins in 7 games!!!

St. Mary's -5 vs Santa Clara. Rivalry or not, this is a mismatch!

Kansas -5 vs Texas. Too many put backs in this high scoring game. KU will dominate the paint to win by 10 even on the road

San Diego -3.5 vs USF. Are you kidding?

Good Gaming
126-97-3 ytd

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today is the day

North Carolina has won all 52 home games versus Clemson and with a win today, they will surpass the NCAA record for home wins in a row. Not gonna happen. Ty Lawson may sit out this one. I bet he plays, but even if he does, he won't effective. North Carolina is in a funk and the loss today will put them in a bigger one.

OHIO STATE -2.5 vs. Indiana
There are some things that Indiana does well; shoot free throws and get a lot of pub because of Eric Gordon. However, this team is flawed and I really like the Buckeyes who are sound at all positions.

UCLA -9.5 vs. Washington
The huskies are cooked and we get rolled over by the Bruins.

CLEMSON +9.5 @ North Carolina
When all of my previous games have failed, you get it all back on the Tigers!