Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Monday

Another week begins, less than 35 days from Selection Sunday! Here are a few picks. By the way, I know you guys are trying to win money, don't go out on your own too much. Friday nights post was 6-1-1 and I know some readers who didn't win when I gave you 6 wins in 7 games!!!

St. Mary's -5 vs Santa Clara. Rivalry or not, this is a mismatch!

Kansas -5 vs Texas. Too many put backs in this high scoring game. KU will dominate the paint to win by 10 even on the road

San Diego -3.5 vs USF. Are you kidding?

Good Gaming
126-97-3 ytd


Anonymous doubledown said...

hey susan-

I can get 55% by flipping a coin. show me the money.


1:13 PM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

Track your picks. Anyone who gambles on over 200 games and is showing a profit is not flipping a coin! I would venture to bet that if you did flip that coin 226 times, you would not get 126 of either heads or tails! But good luck if you just want to burn that money on your own!!!

2:40 PM  
Blogger B. Anthony said...

Double down, great to have your commentary, we missed you. Pass us the link for the original gunner, your old man. Sorry I missed you the other day. I hope all is well, and I will be calling you to teach my son how to shoot as I will have no chance!!

2:43 PM  
Anonymous doubledown said...

I didnt realize you went to mit.
and no problem, I would enjoy that. get going on having a kid then. I will make sure he isnt swearing at his shoulder also.

4:32 PM  

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