Sunday, February 10, 2008

Today is the day

North Carolina has won all 52 home games versus Clemson and with a win today, they will surpass the NCAA record for home wins in a row. Not gonna happen. Ty Lawson may sit out this one. I bet he plays, but even if he does, he won't effective. North Carolina is in a funk and the loss today will put them in a bigger one.

OHIO STATE -2.5 vs. Indiana
There are some things that Indiana does well; shoot free throws and get a lot of pub because of Eric Gordon. However, this team is flawed and I really like the Buckeyes who are sound at all positions.

UCLA -9.5 vs. Washington
The huskies are cooked and we get rolled over by the Bruins.

CLEMSON +9.5 @ North Carolina
When all of my previous games have failed, you get it all back on the Tigers!



Anonymous doubledown said...

hey money-
good to see you the other day. nice call on everything you had in your post for sunday. I thought I would check in to see how things were going since we are getting close to the tourney and it looks like you left off right were you were at the end of last season. you would be better off sticking with your old make out sessions with kansas. this year is the most likely you would actually have scored.
I looked at a couple of your recent posts and agree with your statements though on bob knight and memphis. how does susan b not think free throws are important when they start playing close games? did he forget when the ref wasnt looking he used to have me shoot all of his for him when they counted? later,


12:51 PM  

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