Thursday, February 14, 2008

Don't Misremember to get your girl a gift

It is Valentine's day today and I plan on giving Penny a four team parlay that will surely come in.

I hope you watched or heard the Clemens hearing yesterday. It was fantastic. He is such a big fat loser. I am bummed because I do have quite a few Clemens rookie cards. He threw his wife under the bus (a divorce and nice payout for Debbie will be coming soon), contacted his nanny, whom he has not spoken to in 7 years to tell her what to say, and as he explained it to congress; "I thought I was doing y'all a favor." And his "best friend" Andy Pettite "misremembered" a conversation where Clemens said he took HGH.

Say goodbye to the Hall of Fame and enjoy your jail cell next to Bonds!

CAL +7.5 @ Arizona
Neither team can defend. Nic Wise is out, so Cal my have the better offensive weapons. This game should be close.

SOUTHERN ALABAMA -5.5 @ Middle Tennessee State
Going back to the well with these guys, who have produced for us much of the year.

WASHINGTON STATE -12 @ Oregon state
The cougars need to turn their season around and will not take this game likely and pound the beavers.

ARIZONA STATE +3.5 vs. Stanford
Stanford always plays these games close in Tempe. Plus, their guards are ailing, healthwise. Stanford turns in a clunker performance tonite.



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