Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thoughts for Tuesday

Stanford is #7 in the country. Really? I will admit they are playing well, but this is not a team that will make a deep tournament run. Money sets the over/under for this team at the Sweet 16. They won't advance any further. In my opinion there are two teams that can win it all this year; UCLA and Kansas. They have all the necessary ingredients and the fewest flaws. I still like Louisville as a darkhorse team to win it all. They are coming together at the right time. The talent has always been there. But clearly KU and UCLA (once healthy) are in the best position to win it all.

Memphis is great and will tease us, but ultimately fall short with poor free throw shooting. Duke/Tennessee will have a bad shooting night and bow out early to somebody unexpected. North Carolina does not play good enough defense. The Hoyas are lucky and that will run out at some point.

Here are my thoughts on the games tonite

PURDUE -1 vs. Michigan State
Hot young purdue team taking on an uninspiring average MSU team.

KENT STATE -3 @ Central Michigan
Kent can beat these guys on the road by 4.

VANDERBILT -4 vs. Kentucky
The wildcats have played better recently but they are still struggling with injuries and their identity. Vanderbilt has not turned the corner yet, but will win this game tonite.



Anonymous Hawk said...

good call on Stanford....I can't believe in them. The Todd Lichti/Howard Wright teams would piss on this team.
Penn -2.5 at home tonight vs. Princeton is a lock!

2:39 PM  
Blogger Money said...

I like locks. Thanks Hawk.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous doubledown said...

nice call on the kentucky game. is ashley judd suiting up for them now? and purdue also. where was your team louisville in your picks tonight? you would have had that one too..


7:54 PM  

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